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Lolita Bonita


As I’ve got older there is something I’ve learnt to do more and more. That is to enjoy my company. A little bit of self-indulgence and giving myself some me time! I must admit it took a while. I remember I always used to find it odd when my dad would head to a restaurant and dine alone or go gigging solo! I’d always thought to myself – what a strange man not wanting to share those experiences with friends. However, now I get it! He adores music and seeing his favourite band is satisfactory enough, no-one else needs to be there! Plus it’s a great way to make new friends! The first time I dined solo, I had hours to kill, someone had recommended this veggie restaurant and I was dying to go – so off I went book in hand and enjoyed a delicious Buddha with nothing but my own thoughts! Now it’s not something I do often – yet I think it’s important to find more time. I have always believed that it says a lot about someone when they can enjoy their own company. So last week I went for a swim and sauna and then off I went solo brunching to try out some dishes at 19 Cafe Bar. 


It was earlyish but the vibe was peaceful and calm with customers enjoying their meal. It had just the right atmosphere for a lonely spot of brunch. I wasn’t the only there who had the same idea by the looks of things. The decor nice and simplistic and mix between edgy and urban – slotting in perfect as it’s located just out-of-town on the way to the trendy NQ.


I was actually dying for a smoothie as I’d been for a swim that morning. One thing missing off the menu. Instead I opted for a juice and a lovely pot of green tea to give me some ooomf for the day. Had I been with friends though, I think we would have definitely been picking off the cocktail menu! I went for one of my favourite dishes of all time… Eggs Florentine – I must say nothing beats a bit of hollandaise sauce to say indulge yourself! Everything arrived in speedy time and a rather generous portion at that! Too much for my belly but it was super tasty! There was a slight spinach overload however so I would order with less next time!


The gentleman serving was a lovely fellow – quick on his feet considering he was the one there and they had a slight influx at lunch! He was polite and made sure I had everything I needed!

I am forever trying to find decent brunch spots without the price tag. Well I am happy to say I’ve now found one. I best go out and buy myself a pup now as I totally want to go to their doggy date night!

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