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Lolita Bonita


There’s a reason why travelling has become so popular with the younger generation. Seeing the world and escaping from the perhaps mundane routines of everyday life teaches lessons unlike no other. So, as I prepare to spend my summer travelling I searched to see what lessons I may learn whilst off wanderlusting. 

A surge in young, budding travellers has resulted in much cheaper travel options, and a rise in popularity of flight comparison apps means it’s easier than ever to get to your destination at a very low-cost. This is the perfect opportunity to continue your travels once you’ve begun – and your newly-developed wanderlust will probably urge you to.


Of course, doing this requires expert planning. But it’s the perfect way to keep your travels going, at a cost that won’t leave you out-of-pocket.

Regardless of whether you’re travelling solo or in a group, you’ll quickly realise that being reclusive and anti-social just isn’t an option. You might choose to stay in hostels, where groups share rooms and often become best friends – you could even find a new travelling partner!


It’s handy to be as open, friendly and approachable as possible when you roam your new settings, too. What with there being language barriers and difficulty communicating with the locals, it helps if you don’t shy away from it and instead try to embrace the language as much as possible.

One thing you’ll notice quickly when travelling is the sheer amount of cultural practices and traditions you’ll have to get accustomed to. It may sound daunting, but it’s all part of the allure – everything from food and drink to architecture is influenced by a location’s culture, and you’ll learn a lot just through experiencing it. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a completely different lifestyle week after week?


Make sure you brush up on each country’s traditions before you arrive – you don’t want to run the risk of offending any locals for not following their historical customs. In his The One Thing series, travel writer Ben Groundwater suggests that by researching each culture and accepting it, you’ll have a much better trip.

We always hear of people needing a “break” when things get too much. Whatever the case, as the Huffington Post say, you’ll realise just how healing travelling is once you make the leap and leave home. Being in a new location with no ties to what you’ve left behind is incredibly relaxing, and that’s without considering the luxuries your destination has to offer. Nothing offers more tranquillity than a deserted beach with calm waters slowly lapping by pure white sands, and to be able to cut yourself off from civilisation is perhaps necessary when things get a little bit too much.

There isn’t much room for overspending when you’re travelling. You’re likely to run into unexpected obstacles and if you’re left without being able to pay for something – be it medical bills, an extra night of accommodation or necessary travel – you’ll be stuck. One helpful tip shared by plenty of travellers is the concept of a daily budget, which will help you outline just how you should spend your money on a day-to-day basis. After all, one day you might spontaneously decide to pack up and move on to the next destination, so it’s not worth planning your expenses too far in advance.

Once you’ve made the first step of leaving home, you’ll soon realise just how intoxicating the activity of travelling actually is. It’s a life event that’s incomparable to anything else – being able to hop on a plane and see the furthest corners of the world if and when you choose to is something you’ll never forget. And, as hard as it is to pack up and come home, you’ll soon realise one thing – you’ll be itching to get back out there and explore even further.


Nothing compares to the experience of meeting new people in tens of different countries who will likely become friends for life, all whilst seeing some of the most beautiful spots the world has to offer.

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