Manchester is a city booming with a variety of delicious places to eat, and you can find lots of hiddenIMG_4722 (2) gems in unexpected places. Right in the heart of Deansgate there lies a mysterious glass pyramid, that takes you down underground, to a sophisticated, classy restaurant and bar. This is Australasia, Spinningfields, and has been one of my favourite places to eat in Manchester for a while. Australasia serves modern Australian food including Indonesian and Japanese influences.

My family and I are definitely food swappers, we love to try and taste different foods, so the fact that their menu is based on little plates designed for sharing, is perfect for us. I have often tasted the menu at night, however as a birthday treat for my partner we headed there for a spot of lovely lunch.

AIMG_4725s we sat down we were greeted by the friendly yet trendy looking waitress who gave us an iPad to check out out cocktails, there was so much to choose from it was difficult but we settled for the rather tasty and refreshing  Asian Mule and a the fruity Love You Long Time, these were super yummy and nice and subtle in flavour, not overpowering and went down a little too quickly ooops.

The Menu for australasia, spinningfields

Australasia have a very reasonably priced lunch menu especially when compared to the quality of the food. My partner and I are greedy and chose three plates each. Fortunately two of our plates were the same, which was luck as not a chance I would have shared them with him!  So we both went for the seared teriyaki beef, peanut and baby mixed leaf salad with sweet chilli dressing, which was absolutely divine, the beef was beautifullIMG_4742y cooked and perfectly pink. I went for the stir fried mussels with chilli, sweet basil and peanuts, mainly because I adore mussels and peanuts, and they are two ingredients I would never usually put together, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and although I am not very fond of foods with heat, the chili content was perfect and not too overpowering. My partner then went for temaki seaweed rolls with salmon and robata beef as he loves salmon and sushi, they came in these great ice cream cone type seaweeds wraps, and he could not eat them fast enough, I didn’t even get a taste. Lastly we both had a roasted duck fuku with sriracha, bean sprouts and coriander, and oh my days, if you could have heaven in your mouth then this was it. The duck was so lovely and crispy in this soft, brioche type steamed buns, it was just too much, I could have eaten it all over again, so so delightful.IMG_4736

It is a must restaurant to dine in whether you live in Manchester or especially if you are visiting. The value for money is excellent considering the quality and high standard of food. The atmosphere is cool and chic and it is a very comfortable restaurant to eat in. They really do put a sophisticated modern twist on the food to compliment the contemporary dining area.

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