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I swear down I feel like I say it’s been a busy one this week – but it seriously has and welcome to my non stop life. One thing I need to try to do in the New Year is just slow down a little. Even though I’ve been busy there is not much to report in this weeks Autumn Edit so we shall make our tenth instalment speedy.

This week has been rather testing for me. We had our last week of placement and are now back in lectures and I’ve been finding it really hard to adjust. I just don’t like being there – I don’t like the classes and I feel completely disengaged and unmotivated. I would much rather be back in my little school planning lessons and being the teacher rather than the student. However, guess I just got to suck it up and remember the end goal.

On a brighter note, I got out of uni Thursday and Friday as I was asked to join the school on a residential. Not only did this feel great to ask (even though I was just an extra body) it was an opportunity to learn a lot. The thought of being thrown into a school trip when I first graduate is terrifying but at least now I have a few tips and tricks. We went to Liverpool and wandered around the cathedrals, went on the eye and over to the Maritime museum as well as a ferry on the Mersey. We walked over 30,000 steps and safe to say I was knackered upon my return.

We dropped another two gift guides this week and we have our final two coming up! There has been a great reaction and hopefully we’ve helped someone struggling people get some cool ideas. This week we had one for the serious sippers and another for the trendy hipsters.

I decided to spend the Saturday with my step sister and niece – I haven’t seen them much since we went to France together so it was nice to get some chill time. My other step sister came over and we had a family festive day making wrapping paper with potato stamps – anyone else remember that? I actually ended up babysitting which was lovely but meant I had lots to do once home today!

Yep, it’s officially December so I decided to get rid of the clutter in my room and actually turn them into gifts! I started wrapping and got all my paper, ribbon and other bits out. I spotted my scrabble tiles that I used for my guides and thought they looked cute as alternative gift tags. What do you think?

Have you got festive this weekend?

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