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It’s been a crazy busy week or so, I am ambushed with uni work, sorting trips and arranging adventures and at the weekend, one of my oldest friends got married. I’m slowly settling into a routine but it’s not quick enough for me! I have loads of goals this month like getting fitter, getting more organised and completing my work and research. This can all start tomorrow, however, let’s see what’s been going on in my world shall we.

After a nervous wait we finally got our beginning placements at uni! I must say I am rather chuffed with mine in a cure little village teaching Year 4. Although, as I don’t plan to teach KS2, a classroom of older kids terrify me. I also have to totally brush up on some maths and WW2 knowledge!

Yep, on Friday one of my eldest friends got married and the other was her Maid of Honor – that left me with the little ones all day which I loved! The service was stunning and the bride looked beautiful! It’s such a lovely moment watching soul mates embark on the next chapter of their lives. I am so immensely proud and happy for the both of them. It was also a right good shindig and lovely to catch up with friends.

My papa’s bar is coming along nicely – they have painted the front and got the awning up and I’m mega proud! I can’t wait to head over with my step sister in October and fingers crossed it will be open and we can catch up over a bottle of fizz.

My family are really big on hockey and I wanted to get fitter so thought I’d head over to training. It’s official – I was awful! I mean I’ve never really picked up a stick so I wasn’t expecting to be a pro! However, I’m no giving up yet I’ll score a goal this year!

I was sent my first ever subscription box from The Unibox  so I thought I’d head back to YouTube and try my hand at an unboxing video. Not awful but a bit of practice would be good! You can now sign up to their Halloween box and get £5 off with this code.

What have you been up to this week?




Your papa’s bar looks sooo cute! I love it xx


Awww thanks 🙂 x

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