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So, this week hasn’t been the best for me and I’ve been feeling absolutely rotten! I had to take a say off school, leave early and cancel all my weekend plans which consisted of a trip to the Harrogate Christmas Markets with my bestie. As you can imagine I’ve been moping around most of the time – but managed to get some stuff done. Let’s see the Autumn Edit numero 8!

Thanks to Moonpig, I am really in the festive mood this year! In fact today I went out and picked up a load of  paper and sparkly bits to start wrapping my presents! Back to Moonpig and its #MerrierTogether event – what a fantastic weekend that was and you can read all about it here.

As I picked up lots a Christmassy bits and bobs, I started shooting my pics for some of my gift guides. The first which goes live tomorrow eeeek. Looking for ideas for a furry friend then stay tuned. Max and I had lots of fun trying out all of his new toys in the garden.

I mentioned I was feeling super sorry for myself and in a sulky mood – think my uncle got sick of it and took me out on a walk to clear my head and get some fresh air. It was lovely just walking along the river whilst the sunsets with a nice Autumnal breeze flowing through my hair.

After perking up slightly I decided to do some baking :). I had some new pans for one of my gift guides and had been eyeing up this recipe on the front cover of Delicious Mag stuffed with white chocolate Lindors, which are my absolute fave! How dreamy does this look?!


Also on the blog this week we posted a review on Purezza! My friend and I headed over there through summer and jeeez I didn’t know how many vegan cheeses there could be. It was a delicious experience and if anyone is in Camden I would go check it out.

What have you all been up to this week?

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