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It’s time for another Autumn Edit, and it’s been a fairly quiet week. This week has been my last week on my first placement and it was a very sad Friday for me. I’ve absolutely loved it and it has completely solidified that I am doing the right thing. We got cards and gifts and merit certificates! It’s going to be so strange heading into uni tomorrow and in honesty┬áI am not looking forward to it! On another note my weekend however, has been jam-packed ha! Let’s take a look.


As we mentioned. last week we published the first two in our series of gift guides… YEY! So, if you have a furry friend or foodie fiend and are looking for some gift ideas then I would suggest heading on over and checking these out!

I am feeling very festive very early on this year – I am going to blame Moonpig for this one! So, at the weekend we went to go do some seasonal stuff. I took my bestie and her daughter through to Lancaster to check out the Crimbo markets at Lancaster Brewery. Then I took her for her first go at ice skating – clutching on for dear life at the start I soon got her out into the middle of the ice, naturally gliding along! Go TT.

I ended up at my nanas Saturday night, and after a rare lie in we headed out on a big long walk with the pup! This goldie is mad as a hatter and couldn’t get enough of my stick throwing skills ha! There is nothing more peaceful than taking a stroll through the countryside side, and I am really falling back in love with the Lakes!

My god-daughter to be ­čÖé turns 1 on Tuesday – this year has gone so fast and she is still as cute as ever. My bestie is throwing a small dinner as she is having a big party next month. As I have decided I am now a master baker I offered to make the cake. Clearly with the adults in mind ha! This is my Malteser chocolate cake, with Malteser buttercream and a pinata filling of Malteser and Milkybar buttons! YUM!

What have you been up to this week?




Thank you :). Yes it is the season for hibernation! ha! x


Ice skating is sooo much fun and really gets you into the festive spirit! x

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