B FRESH, B FRESH COLD PRESSED JUICES, B FRESH JUICES, CLEAN, COLD PRESSED, FRESH JUICE, Healthy. JUICES, naturalI have always been one that loves a nice cold glass of fresh juice in the morning. The problem is the general juices you get in the supermarket are pretty standard. Orange, Pineapple, Apple or Tropical. I mean talk about boring. There is no jazz in these flavours and they can get quiet repetitive. This is why I started to opt for drinking smoothies. They are nutritious and packed with vitamins. Not to mention full of flavour. I could create anything I wanted. One problem. I was rubbish at making smoothies. I also find them pretty filling so couldn’t have them alongside a meal. This is when I heard about B Fresh and their cold pressed juices. Its like all the flavour of a smoothie but in juice form. I love this as instead of breakfast it makes a great accompaniment. Not to mention a great replacement for fizzy drinks. I dont think we have enough yummy juices out there, so B Fresh have really hit the nail on the head. So I went about tasting a range of their delicious flavours.


This is made with apple, lime, spinach, ginger, cucumber and kale. The ginger really came through on this one and even though I am not a huge fan of ginger, I found the drink very refreshing. It was a great one for a morning wake up and I really liked the subtle hints of cucumber running through. Its only 50 calories, 1 of you 5 a day and high in vitamins A, B, C, E and K.


The name says it all really. This was the sweetest one in the bunch, therefore great for those with a sweet tooth.  This is probably one of the closest to your breakfast juices. It had quiet an unusual taste also, a good one though, almost like fresh garden peas. With only 90 calories this juice is made with apple, spinach, lemon and kale. It is also high in vitamin K.


I love the fact this has some turmeric in it alongside orange, carrot and apple. The turmeric spices really come through with a light carrot undertone. Funnily it reminded me of the cola cubes I used to eat as a child , so a bit of fun in my bottle. I loved the pieces of fresh turmeric root too. This one really gives you that extra healthy kick. Its 92 calories and high in vitamin A, which can help with healthy skin and your immune system.


This is one for the naturalists. Containing apple, beetroot, carrot and lemon. Its has a very earthy and natural taste to it. It is also super fresh tasting as if it came straight from the juicer. This was one of the lower calorie ones so great for those watching the waistline. With only 68 calories, its high in vitamin A and a good source of vitamin C.


This had to be my absolute favourite of the lot. It was absolute delicious, like a little bottle of sunshine, a real hit of summer. It really it what it says, with a beautiful fresh strawberry flavour. However its also mixed with apple, carrot, cucumber and beetroot. Lucky this one hold 2 of your 5 a day, containing only 73 calories and is high in vitamin A.


Well its exactly what it says in the bottle. A lovely mixture of orange and carrots. Definitely one for breakfast time. It tastes so fresh and so natural, like it had been freshly squeezed. Not to mention super high in vitamin C, and with only 88 calories.

What I love most about these juices are that B Fresh grow their own fruit and veg which then head on over to their on site presser. This means they know exactly what goes into their juices. All fresh and natural with no added nasties. I can definitely recommend giving these a try you can go with a subscription or choose a box set, or make a box up of your own.


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  1. Jennifer Haden

    Sounds really great, I used to get similar juices from a shop when I lived in So California. The golden glow sounds lovely, love turmeric!

    1. Lolamia

      Yeah they are really nice and refreshing. That one had a really nice taste to it and felt super healthy x

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