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Blogging is the ultimate hobby – what other hobby can turn into a highly profitable career, bag you lots of freebies, and allow you to work wherever you want, whenever you want? The fact is that blogging really is the most amazing hobby, simply because of the opportunities that it offers.

Let’s say, for instance, you have always dreamed of travelling the world, but so far have never been able to afford to do so. However, your luck is about to change, as you can use your blog to fund a trip around the world – yes, really!

Of course, that being said, while blogging could fund a trip around the world, to be able to travel to your heart’s content, you need to take certain steps and utilise your blog and social media channels.


What are the best methods of earning from your blog?

While you are traveling, you will need an income, which is where your blog (and social media channels) come in.

One option is to collaborate with brands on sponsored posts – depending on your blog’s domain authority and your monthly pageviews; you can earn a good amount from sponsored posts. How much you earn won’t only depend on your site’s DA and monthly views but also on whether the post will be created by the brand or by you. As a rule of thumb, doubling your blog’s DA can work well for sponsored post pricing for pre-written posts. So if your blog has a DA of 30 out of 100, you double 30 to get a price of £60. For posts you write yourself, you can also add on an hourly rate or a price per word.

Another way that you can earn from your blog while traveling is via social media posting. If you have enough followers on social media, you can charge for Instagram and Twitter sponsored posts.

Or, instead of earning money, you could contact hotels, restaurants, and attractions in towns and cities that you are visiting to arrange to review them in exchange for free accommodation, food, or tickets. You may not earn from this but it will allow you to travel the world, so it’s an option worth considering.


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What essential advice should you know?

As for the advice that you should know when blogging your way around the world, it’s just a case of being organised and planning your income in advance.

Take advantage of software like Google Sheets and use it to keep track of what sponsored posts and collaborations you have planned and when the deadline is for them. That way, you can easily keep track of what needs to be done and when, and don’t have to stress about forgetting anything.

If you are going to blog as you travel, you will have to carry some technology with you, but it’s best to keep it to a minimum for ease. Instead of bringing a laptop on your travels, use a tablet and Bluetooth keyboard. As well as packing your normal phone charger, it could be worth packing a solar powered portable one, so that you don’t ever lose power on your phone. For a blogger capturing images and sharing content online, there’s nothing worse than having no phone battery.

To make posting regularly easier, it could be worth scheduling in stops on your trip to internet cafes and libraries, so that you have the chance to concentrate while you work.

The fact is that if you are a blogger and you want to see the world, blogging as you go, could be the answer. There are some bloggers who constantly travel all over the world, living a truly nomadic lifestyle, and all thanks to their blogs.



Great post something definitely I have been thinking about. Would love to earn money maybe from my blog one day.


Ahh thanks very much 🙂 x


I found this post really helpful! I’ve been struggling to know what to charge companies so your rule of double DA is a good benchmark.

Jodie @ Jodetopia x


Yes I find it a great pricing system in my opinion! x


I love reading blog tips!

Do you have any tips for increasing DA?

Thanks for sharing lovely.



Thanks. Unfortunately not just post often and don’t use follow links! x


I just downloaded a plugin to see my blog’s DA thanks for this post, so thank you! Really handy to have an extra stat and way to price things. Thanks for sharing


Ahhh amazing. You can also check it out online too! x

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