BLONDILOX, #BLONDILOXYOURBOWL, OATS, BREAKFAST, CACAO, FLAX SEEDS, MATCHA TEA, CINNAMON, CHAI SEEDS, MACA, GOJI BERRIES, COCONUT FLAKES, PORRIDGE OATS, HEALTHY BREAKFAST, HEALTHY LIFESTYLEIf you have not already seen Blondilox scattered across your Instagram. Then well my friend you are following the wrong people. Blondilox or in human form know as Laura are bringing excitement to your breakfast bowl. So move over boring supermarket brands, with their packs of microwaveable grule. As here we have a company stirring up the porridge game allowing, you to custom create your own porridge varieties. Cool right?! This chic new brand was born out of Laura’s own health journey and rediscovering her love for breakfast and oats. You will find that these are waaaay healthier than anything you can pick up off these shelves. Oh and are packed with nutrition, superfoods and all round goodness.

We all know that oats are the king of breakfast. As they are one of the healthiest foods in the world. Now thats a big statement. Looking at all the health benefits, everyone should try and slip some oats into their daily diet. What a better way to do so than heading to an oaty pick n mix store. Over on their site you get to pick you flavour or spice, such as cinnamon or matcha green tea. Then you get to pick an extra bit of goodness to mix in like flax or chai seed. No bowl of porridge would be complete without some yummy toppings so why not try some coconut flakes or goji berries. You wont believe how healthy your bowl is.

I went for a decadent double chocolate theme as I am a sweet fiend. Opting for cacao HEALTHY BOWL CAKE, BOWL CAKE, OAT CAKE, CHOCOLATE CAKE, CAKE, ALMOND BUTTER, CHOCOLATE SAUCEoats, with some added flaxseeds and to top it off with some cacao nibs. I am not one for an ordinary breakfast so I got in the kitchen and mixed things up a bit. I ended up creating two delicious breakfasts including my Warm Banana Chocolate Proats, and A Healthy Bowl Cake. Delicious. Link up with Blondilox below.


The lovely Laura Kate over at Blondilox is giving you the chance to win their new Winter blend

Lolita Bonita Blondilox Giveaway

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