Well what a start to 2018 it’s been, one had all these beautiful plans on how to make this year the greatest yet however 2 infections thought otherwise. Oh well there is still 352 days to conquer the world so watch out! So yes this post was due daaaaaays ago but your getting it now and HAPPY NEW YEAR gals!

What a funny old year it’s been, firstly it’s just sped on by and disappeared right in front of my eyes! Please slow time I’m not ready for fatigue, slight wrinkles and real hangovers.
This year has been a big year for me with incredible changes and realisations! I would never have imagined to make it through however with a wealth of support and love from some very special people I am back with a vengeance. Saying that this year has really put into perspective who my real friends are and I look forward to enjoying my time with them in 2018.

Now many opt for resolutions that they can break months later, however I rather not set myself up to fail and have created a small list of things I want to complete and conquer over the coming months. If I tick all the boxes come December I shall be one happy monkey.

Run a 10K:

As you all know my knee has been rather problematic over the years and I have had to stop the exercise I love. With physio going well I see no reason why I can’t kick start it back up this year. My housemate ran the half marathon last year and I would love to achieve something like that. However babysteps it must be and I will be quiet content with a 10K. Plus it means I can get into shape. Winner!

Have my own radio show:

Last year not only did I realise who my real friends were I also made some cracking new ones. Especially those who dig music as much as me. We’ve kept momentum and helped each other out as a geoup of emerging females in the industry. Fingers crossed one has given me the opportunity of my own slot. Oh the joys of networking. I got my taster on BBC5 Live and with my new music blog launching .. this is the perfect next step.


Make my own clothes:

Being an avid fan of Project Runway I wanted to take up sewing … I have had my machine lingering around and now its time to dust it off and turn it into a skill.. mahbe even a business. I have bags of material and patterns so one needs to stitch herself a summer wardrobe!


Visit a county I have not yet seen:

I am happy as I have a rather full travelling itinerary this year! So kinda cheating on this one as I am already heading to Dublin and Portugal, neither which I’ve visited yet, however with some holiday days still lurking and now I have a travelling partner it’s even more exciting so, I am looking for a winter trip. Please leave your suggestions below.

Improve my photography skills:

Last year I was fortunate enough to win an SLR  – something which I have been forever yearning for and with all these places I am travelling to I have some fabby photo opportunities .. best get clicking!

Read more:

A couple of years ago I did the book challenge – I had almost lost touch with how much I enjoyed reading and found it did me wonders to focusing off screen! A daily social media detox is bliss and just what the busy mind needs!

I think that is a nice hefty list to be getting on with..  are you a resolution or goal setter?? what have you challenged yourself with this year?

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19 thoughts on “BONJOUR 2018

  1. THEse are some great goals to aim for!!! I’m also hoping to start running again!!! Hope you have a fantastic 2018

    1. Lolamia

      You’ll have to let me know how it goes. Thank you you too sweets x

  2. Holly

    That’s a great list for 2018! I want to improve on my photography skills too and invest in a proper camera. Good luck with everything this year.

    Holly x

    1. Lolamia

      Yes I may enrol in a course just so I can understand my camera better! x

  3. These are some fab and such realistic goals girl, I can’t believe you were lucky enough to win an SLR aswell that’s so mint! I reckon it’ll be a brilliant year for you, you seem to have so much going on already and the only way is up!
    Alice Xx

    1. Lolamia

      I know I am such an avid comper anf last yeat it really paid off me! Now just to figure out how to use the bloody thing hahaha! x

  4. Lolamia

    wow it looks like we would be great friends haha so much in common … ahh I love the blogging world! x

  5. What great goals, good luck I really hope you achieve them. I’m like you I don’t do resolutions!!!

    1. Lolamia

      Thank you… I sure hope I do too 🙈

  6. Emma

    You have set yourself some great goals for 2018. I’m looking to start working on my photography myself this year. Good luck xx


    1. Lolamia

      I think it’s such an amazing skill to have! You shall have to let me know how it goes! x

  7. A great list of things you want to achieve. I wish you all the success with these. I think it is important to set yourself challenges.

    1. Lolamia

      I think so too.. I feel you always need to work towards something just for motivations sake! Plus it’s always a great feeling once it’s accomplished! x

  8. That’s a huge list. I wish you could share your photography skills. Would love to learn some tips and tricks from you 😊

    1. Lolamia

      It is but completely achievable! Ahhhh thanks I need to improve myself! x

  9. Great list! Reading more is on my list, i love to read but it has definitely taken a backseat lately!

    1. Lolamia

      Yes I would love to read a lot more this year! x

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