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Let’s be honest hands up who isn’t a stationary mad?! Being a blogger, a student, and crafty crazy I’m a sucker for a pretty piece of kit to help with my organisational life! I’ve already mentioned Mustard before and how much I love it’s colourfully unique pieces. Well, my love for them has just grown! The other week I received a beautiful package filled with succulent stationary to make my desk and pencil case look on point.

As a trainee teacher, I go into placement next week. We all must have in place a special file that shows we are meeting all the standards required to be a successful teacher! So, this parcel couldn’t have come at a better timing with these cute little dividers to separate my sections of the folders.

Alongside this what better way to fill my folder in than with this funky pen! Something that will always look cute pinned in my hair (yes that is where you will always find a pen).

If not in my hair my pens sit in their case – the only problem is I can never find one when I need one – hence the hair! However this quirky little thing looks cute sitting at my desk filled with all my coloured pens.


I’m one of those people who have sticky notes all over my room. Reminding me to do this and buy that! The greatest difference with these is that they stand tall and I really can’t forget ha! Just adorable though!


Not to mention these little potted rubbers which can be mixed and matched in different plant pots and stuck to the bottom of my pencil and the plant in my case.

They have just released the new Build A Box product which make a great gift for those studying hard just like me 🤓. The boxes are available at a discounted rate over on their site starting for £25, which is well worth it considering the products! You can also get a free tote bag using my code lolitambonita1010.


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Hello, its good piece of writing about media print, we all know
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