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Lolita Bonita


I have always been a sucker for ice cream. That smooth, cold creaminess has always got to me. I always have fond memories of being able to create these super glorious sundaes. Made with my nana’s fresh fruit, then again grandparents always let you over indulge. However now I am on a healthy streak I have become a huge fan of nice cream. I mean who wouldn’t. It is the most simplest thing. As well as being a great healthy substitute for ice cream. The fact of using bananas is what gives you that lovely creamy texture. It will always give your nice cream an underlying tone of bananas so try and pick things that would go well. The great thing is you can make up whatever flavour you want. I went for a carrot cake nice cream.

As the winter months have now started rolling in. I wanted a flavour that reflects this. There are a few cakes that really remind me of the cold months. One of those is carrot cake. Mainly I think because of all the warm spices used. Cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. There is something so warm and comforting about that blend. To give it that extra bit of texture I also added dates. They never seem to fully chop up in my processor which made for these great sweet chewy pieces in my nice cream. See making your own is always better.

1 frozen banana (in pieces)

2 frozen carrots (in pieces)

1 tsp of nutmeg

A handful of majool dates

1 tsp cinnamon

2 tbsp of almond yogurt (We used Alpro)

1 tsp ginger

A carrot and walnut Nutribombz

A drizzle of Sweet Freedom orange spice

Depending on the  size of your food processor get all your bits and process until smooth and creamy.

If you processor is small just add your ingredients bit by bit.

You can alter the spice to taste.

Add your toppings and enjoy.

Interesting fact – It is true that eating massive amounts of carrots can sometimes cause a person’s skin to turn yellowish orange. This is most noticeable on the palms or soles of feet and is called carotenemia.

If you do make any of our creations dont forget to tag us @lolitambonita and hashtag #lifeslittlepleasures #lolitabonita.


This sounds AMAZING, I love love love carrot cake!


It was actually really good and had some of my 5 a day in it hahaha x

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