As you may be able to tell by now I am a girl who just loves to eat! I like to dine out I like to cook I like and enjoy anything related to food. I would say I am a rather adventurous person – I’ve tried all sorts of different cuisines from different countries! A couple of weeks ago I could tick Buenos Aires off my list! Yes, this day was a cause for celebration, I passed my driving test, it was my partners Birthday and we headed out to dine at Cau.

Buenos Aires captures the soul like no other city. The vibrancy, the cosmopolitan sophistication and the irresistible chaotic energy – it’s infectious. The vision for Cau was to replicate that spirit, vitality, passion and sense of fun. As for their menu, Buenos Aires cuisine is a melting pot of delicious comfort food inspired by Italy, Spain and Argentina. From the mouth-watering steaks, burgers and sandwiches, to the tempting selection of sides and moreish favourites, each dish is served up with its own distinctive Argentinian twist.


I spend a lot of time of Didsbury and have walked past Cau a few times, and I always though how classy and sophisticated the interior looked! I love the monochrome design mixed with the pop of electric blue – I think they have done the decor well.


We were given two menus to choose from both with new summer dishes and old favourites – there was a great range and even the fussiest of people could have picked out a dish. As usual we ordered LOADS!                                                                                            ★★★★★

This was our favourite starter by far  at the moment I have a little love story with shrimp and just can’t get enough. It had a lovely underlying smokey flavour with just the right level of spice! It was a dish that really surprised me! ★★★

This was a light and refreshing dish perfect for a summer menu, however I didn’t feel it met up to expectations I am afraid, there was as much flavour as I would have expected and a slight downfall of too much coriander for my personal liking. ★★★★★

As I am not an avid fan of super rare or cured meat, I was rather taken back at how much I enjoyed this dish! The meat was lean, tender and full of flavour and expect a bi of heat on your tongue as that beef had spice! ★★★★★

Yep we had a full on slab of meat with all the trimmings – safe to say it did not disappoint! I mean you would be worried if an Argentinian restaurant couldn’t get steak right –  but they got this on point!! A beautiful cut of meat cooked to absolute perfection. ★★★★

I was interested to try this dish as it wouldn’t be a combination would usually put together. The lentils were nicely flavoured by the chorizo and the egg gooey but it wasn’t my favourite out of the three. ★★★★★

This was the one I was waiting for –  as summer comes I turn into a salad lady! I have yet found another salad… like the prawn one that I MUST recreate at home! Such a fresh dish with so many flavours running through –  the crunch of the pistachio with the coconut dressing… just ★★★★★

If you like cheesecake like me and you love creme brulee like me then this is your match made in heaven. So silky and creamy and with a beautifully burnt sugar top that cracked as you delved in! ★★★★★

Calling all sweet tooths come and get your banoffee mess – swear down this was one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted –  we couldn’t finish it mind you. However, with every spoonful was another little surprise, meringue, almond crumble and baked bananas.


I couldn’t fault the staff one bit – the waiters, the managers were all superb and we were at the restaurant for hours. We chatted with them, laughed with them and they even brought out a Birthday surprise for my partner! Just wonderful!

If you want to try a bit of South American vibes you can check out the full menu and book here. What would your first choice be?

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