If your looking for a good holiday then CLub Julian is not the place to go. Not so long ago, my partner and I ventured to Turkey with First Choice on a 4* all inclusive holiday. We were excited at the prospect of staying in a 4*, as we usually go for 3* so the added luxury was going to be a treat.  What a trick this tuned out to be. Upon arrival we were greeted by a lovely smiley girl who sorted our room key etc, and after a long journey we headed to the bar for a cooling refreshing drink. The happy atmosphere turned sour as the bar staff could not have looked any more miserable. In fact they made us feel rather uncomfortable and after speaking with several guests we were not the only ones who felt like this.  They did not even speak to us they just pointed us glared at us to take our order. They were like this for the whole remainder of the two weeks, I do not think i ever saw their lips curl.  After heading to our to get freshened up, we realised we had been left with no soap, and after waiting 20 minutes we were not having a good start. The room however was very spacious and even had an extra bed if we had wanted to sneak someone in our suitcase. We were placed on the top floor and had a huge balcony, twice the size of others, with a view across the hotel and into the mountains. At dinner time our first taste of food was very impressive, we were handed a cocktail upon entry and there was a wide selection of tasty foods, iIMG_4862ncluding fish, chicken, pizza, a grilling station, a massive salad bar, and another chef preparing posh looking vegetable stacks. The food element is very important to us, we love eating out, but if you are trying to save money on a holiday all inclusive is generally a good way to do this, especially if your partner is like mine and can eat like a horse. For the first few days our overall impression was really good, the pools were nice a clean and there was a more adult one that was not too busy. The food was on point and to a really good standard, they also had afternoon snack and ice cream and midnight soup that was lovely and light on the stomach.  Then came our fifth day at the hotel, we had gotten used to the miserable staff, and the dirty plates and cups filling up the hallways, but what was about to happen we did not expect.

We had been out for the day, so headed upstairs for a little nap, at around 8:30 we went to try and catch the last bit of dinner. We got in the lift as usual and headed to the bottom floor, when the lift opened we were welcomed with plumes of ghastly smoke and people running around in gas masks. Wondering what an earth was going on, we discovered there was a severe fire just a few floors below us. At this point we were in utter shock, as no fire alarms had gone off, nobody had come to evacuate us out the building, and we had just used the lift, which in no circumstances should you use in the case of a fire. Stood there I was witnessing  utter chaos as there was no control whatsoever of the situation. People were running inside the building to fetch loved ones, not being stopped, still no fire alarms or evacuation, if this was in the UK that hotel would have been closed immediately and under investigation.I actually read once I got back home that another hotel in Turkey set on fire and someone actually died as no smoke alarms had gone off. Much later on that night we were allowed back into our smokey smelly rooms for an unsettling nights sleep. I just could not really comprehend the way the whole situation was dealt with and we were not even checked up on by our Thomson rep. They obviously could not offer free drinks as it was all inclusive but there was a massive lack of concern around the hotel by the majority of staff. We would have thought our rooms would have been upgraded or our smokey clothes washed for free, but the next day it was as if nothing had happened.

There is a whole load of other things in which we deemed disappointing about this so called 4* hotel. Apart from the staff being plain and pure miserable, especially the bar staff, so much that most people actually felt uncomfortable and awkward around them, as they barely said a word, never smiled, and didn’t even know what ice was. There was also only ever one person at the bar so getting a drink took around 20 minutes. The pool cleaners cleared away the loungers 2 hours early and had no respect for people’s things moving their belongings, mixing them up putting them in piles all together. They took our sunbed and tried to stack it on another tipping it up and just nearly dropping all our things in the pool. I can tell you if my partners iPhone and valuables had gone in that pool, he would have been seriously ticked off. The maids were average, apart from us never having any soap and her spilling hot chocolate everywhere so the air con and TV remote did not work, she was rather pleasant. One night we even came across a poor girl crying outside the hotel. A vulnerable 18 year old who had been out the the reps and had been accosted by the hotels barber. I know this is a personal matter, but I think that sort of behavior from hotel staff is unacceptable. She was alone in Turkey at 1:00 in the morning, with a hotel representative on the phone to her trying to force her back to his place.

In reality the only 4* thing about the hotel was the food, which I will forever praise as it was delicious and so well prepared, as for the rest I do not think this will be a hotel we revisit.IMG_4861

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