As bloggers time just slips away from us. If this doesn’t effect you then you must be the hier to Bernard’s watch. For most of us, we have not yet reached full time blogging status. That means there are so many other things using up our precious time. Working for starters, hobbies, family time and various other engagements, oh yes and that thing called general life. This means to make our blogs run smoothly and successfully we have to be insanely organised. Blog posts planned, and written in advance with our trusty friends over as some tweeting schedule site for when access to our phones is a no go. I have seen so many ideas and ways that bloggers organise their life. Using their phones, making giant wall sheets, bullet journals and yes DIARIES…. I am not going to lie the last time I used some sort of diary to plan my day was when we were at school! Those trust hideous school planners that got covered in band stickers. Or any stickers you could get your hands on. It was like a decoupage. Nowadays there is no need to cover you diaries in stickers. Why you may ask. Well simply cos now they look fricking cool, and they are here to organise your life. Yes I am talking about the Dodo Pad.



I purchased my first one at the start of last year, when I just started blogging. I have to admit it was an absolute life saver. Not only that but its cute and whimsical containing beautiful illustrations. SO what is a Dodo Pad you may ask?

Nnecessitys we know, is the mother of invention – but it was a father, Lord Dodo (a.k.a. Sir John Verney), who came up with this brilliant weekly planner grid solution to life’s dates and deadlines. Created to aid organisation in the form of a spiral bound, lie flat, almost impossible to lose (due to the nature of its annually altering, brightly coloured cover) desk diary

Yes it is this incredible wondrous pad that will help you plan your daily life along with your blogging needs. You need a way to combine to two right?!


Well as seen as I am already raving about it you know this is gonna be 5 stars. As stated each year the coloured cover changes, which I love. Last years was an amazing gold colour and this year a luscious lime green. They have the infamous illustration of the dodo head drawn onto the front of the pads. As we head inside there is a beautifully drawn tree in which you add your details in case you loose it! Cute right. There on in each page has cute illustrations all over it making it just so pretty to look at!



The layout of this pad is great. This is ultimately the reasons why you can coincide your blogging plans alongside your everyday life. On the left is a big blank page for you to note or doodle on. This is where is write my blogging structure, plans or ideas. On the right hand side is the dates. This is split into 7×5 squares. Meaning you have 5 boxes for each day. This is great as a blogger, not only can I write my daily doings, but I can pop hashtags, blogger chats, threads and events. Its an easy way to have everything together. As I am one who works well with visuals this is perfect for me. Not only this it has a pocket at the back for any loose bits of paper or business cards and an appendix. Brilliant hey!


PRICE ★★★★★

To begin with people might say that £14.00 is a bit steep for a diary. However to be able to organise your time and life with fun and prettiness at just £1.16 a month I really dont think its all so bad. Plus I remember my mum used to spend a fortune on a filofax! Also if your late to the party like now you can get it for a mere £9.80 making it 81p a month, thats 18p a week and 2 pence a page to have your life prettily organised. I say deal.

So yes I think it is worth an investment and if you are looking for a diary that can synchronise your blogging life with your working/personal life the Dodo Pad is the one.  You can check them out on their socials below!


How do you plan your blogging posts?

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16 thoughts on “DODO PAD DIARY REVIEW

  1. God this looks SO useful, I rely on diaries to keep me organised because there’s no way I can do it myself haha!

    1. Lolamia

      I just LOVE it 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of the Dodo diary before but this looks great. Personally think £14 is a great price if there’s lots of space for organisation. I swear by diaries to organise my work life balance with uni blogging and working!
    C x

    1. Lolamia

      I personally do think its a great investment, I am just a cheap skate loooool! But it is great to pt the both together! x

  3. How interesting, I love all things notebooks and planners so totally checking this out!

    1. Lolamia

      Its AH-mazing! x

  4. Interesting, never heard of the Dodo Pad Diary haha, funny name. I plan my blog posts by writing them down just in my main planner I use for schoolwork as well. I also keep a list of topic ideas on my iphone!

    1. Lolamia

      It is isnt is I guess rare and unique like the Dodo! Ahh its been a long time since I had a school planner! x

  5. This sounds so so handy! I’m currently using a daily planner and a blog planner. I really need it all in one!
    I love anything that comes with creativity on the pages.

    Emily-May x

    1. Lolamia

      I find this is great to incorporate the two together! All the pages are so pretty and well designed! x

  6. This looks super cute and very unique. I like the style of it very much!

    Jordanne ||

    1. Lolamia

      Its waaay too cute the drawings are my fave bit! x

  7. This looks so cool! I love how unique the design on the cover is and that you use it for blogging and personal use! Definitely need to get myself a multi-purpose diary and then stick to using it haha!

    1. Lolamia

      I have found it really helpful. Its great to have everything in one place 🙂 makes it extra organised! x

  8. I’ve never heard about this brand before but the illustrations look amazing! X


    1. Lolamia

      I have found it so helpful and yes the drawings are sooo super fab x

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