One thing I can’t wait for when I have my own home is to create my little work space, my own cosy corner, my home office. I do a lot of work on my computer and I would love to get in a zone that isn’t on the sofa or squashed in the corner of my bed. I want a desk space that will open my mind, be clean and tidy! Just an area that I can concentrate in get creative! If you are a home worker, you will understand that it is so important to have a place to go that can keep home life and work life separate. A spot that allows you to focus and really engage in what you have to get done.

The great thing about having a home office is the way you can design and decorate your space! If you’ve ever experienced working in an office, I am sure you will know that they are mundane and blank and very rarely spark any creativity or individuality. Therefore, the chance to design my own little working space would be the dream.

What would go in Lola’s creative corner you may ask?! I found one hard thing about working in an office and how uncomfortable it was! The chairs were so euuugh and left me slumping with constant back ache. So, I checked out Furniture At Work to see what #MyChairStyle would be, I would definitely opt for a mesh chair that provides support up the spine, in the neck and the head. I am a huge fan of flowers, and my house is full of lavender I rescued from an event so I would opt for a cute display of this. It not only smells good but releases relaxed vibes.  No office space is complete without a motivational print so, when writers block comes along there is something inspirational spurring me on.

My diary would stay close by to keep me organised and on top of deadlines. Oh and I would need copious amounts of notepads on hand. I mean who doesn’t secretly have a stash of empty notepads lying around. I also think my coffee machine would be somewhere nearby, girl can’t work without her caffeine. My space would be quite simple as they say tidy desk, tidy mind. The finishing touch would be a picture of my family because they are the constant push in my life.

How would you style your home office?

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