As you are all aware a couple of weeks ago it was Thanksgiving in America. Here in the UK it will fly past us without us even batting an eyelid, we don’t get a public holiday nor do we know anyone that celebrates it. However this year was somewhat different to me, having recently moved in with my American flatmate, who is living a thousands of miles away from home and her friends and families, we decided that we would throw a thanksgiving dinner together. As a sucker for a party we decided to host a ‘Friendsgiving’ a modern take on Thanksgiving giving our friends a little slice from across the pond.  

Thanksgiving has always fascinated me as it’s basically like having a second Christmas, something which makes me very jealous of our transatlantic friends, but

What is thanksgiving really all about?

From the historical landing of the Mayflower on Plymouth Rock, this event marked the beginning of a new way of life for those seeking refuge from tyranny and persecution. The fable of Thanksgiving marks a unifying meal between the Pilgrims, who were unable to grow their own food with the plague of a harsh winter, and the Native Americans, who gave selflessly to provide shelter and protection. Bringing two seemingly opposite cultures signified the future opportunity of an unknown world despite the struggle and sacrifice that the Pilgrims endured. The moral of Thanksgiving is to spread generosity, humility, and kindness to even the most distinct of strangers.

So why throw a Friendsgiving party or get-together?

Aside from the fact to make our American friend smile and realise how much she is loved over here, with so many friends its a great excuse to be a able to throw a mega dinner party. We asked everyone to bring a long a dish and it came together as the greatest feast you have ever laid your eyes upon.

 We also bought a Christmas Tree to add to the festive theme (however we soon learnt that the Christmas tree isn’t always up by Thanksgiving- however it’s nearly December so I am sure we can get away with it, right?).

We are proud of the new little group that we have formed between us, old friends and new, stretching from different places and backgrounds, merging everyone together and creating magical bonds. This is the great thing about friendsgiving, who doesn’t love friends, food and great times.

Why don’t you throw a friendsgiving next year, you don’t have to know someone who celebrates, just use it as a day to appreciate being round the ones you love. I mean you’ve got Christmas to appreciate your family, so why not appreciate your friends?

Who would you invite round?

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