I always love a good festival whether it is within the UK or abroad, something about seeing live music in another environment than a music hall fills me full of excitement. However, there are many things I do not look forward to. Whether it will rain? –  if we are in the UK let’s face it be ready for a mud bath! Will I be warm enough? What about enough toilet roll and food? Yes I think we have established I am a worrier, so here I put together a list of festival essentials.

Tent – Regatta : 
A tent is always the biggest concern. Of course it is what you are going to sleep in. Well  I haFESTIVAL, FESTIVAL ESSENTIALS, TENT, RUCKSACK, TOILETRIES, FOOD, MUSIC, SPEAKERS, LIVE MUSICve had some horrendous tent experiences at festivals. As it generally rains this always makes me dread a leaky tent – who wants to take a state of the art tent with the risk of it being ruined. We took along the Regatta a reasonably priced 3 man tent. I was worried as a new tent this would be a hassle to put up, however with 2 poles it was very simple and straight forward. The tent was stable, warm and very waterproof – we were in the lake district! It wasn’t so tricky to put away either which made it a great festival tent.

Speakers – Lava Sound & Vision :
Of course you are at a festival for the music, however, there is nothing better than being able to chill back at camp and swap tunes with other goers. These speakers were designed for festivals in my eyes! Not only were they loud and super bassey, they also played for 35 hours. Not impressed yet? You could charge your phone from them and they acted as a lamp. 3 in 1 – you couldn’t get much better right?!

Rucksack – Thule :

FESTIVAL, FESTIVAL ESSENTIALS, TENT, RUCKSACK, TOILETRIES, FOOD, MUSIC, SPEAKERS, LIVE MUSICAs we all know the car park can be a hefty distance from the campsite! The walk doesn’t get any easier when you have a tent, sleeping bag, food, drinks and then your clothes. This is why this 65L rucksack is perfect. There is plenty of room for several sets of dry clothes, shoes, toiletries and anything else you may need! It is also great for future travels!

Handwarmer – Zippo :
I am literally the worst person when camping, purely because I was no designed for FESTIVAL, FESTIVAL ESSENTIALS, TENT, RUCKSACK, TOILETRIES, FOOD, MUSIC, SPEAKERS, LIVE MUSICthe cold. Any breeze and I freeze my nips off. So, this year I went prepared. I had my onsiie and my zippo handwarmer. Now I have experienced these in the as a child camping in the lakes but they were always charcoal sticks. This however, is the future, and it kept me nice and toasty.

Food – Clif Bars :
Food is what keeps us going and we love arriving at a festival and discovering what tasty stalls they have for us! However, we know that this can cost us a pretty penny. It is always a great idea to keep snacks near by for that extra kick of energy. This is why I took a load of Clif bars along with me, not only are they delicious, but high energy and great for something sweet or to kick start the day.

Toiletries – The Green People :
Festivals is when my skin is at the worst. Not enough sleep or water, bad food and lots of alcohol along with lots of glitter and no proper showers. It is vital to have the right sort of skincare that can help with all of these issues. I took along a load of The Green People products. I love them because they are organic and natural! They have a wide range of products to cater to any need. The best festival ones had to be:

Foaming Face Wash – This was great as you didn’t need to rinse or wash off. It literally is a festival’s best friend!

Toning Hydrating Mist – Perfect for those hot sweaty tents – once you get a little flush just give this a quick spritz.

Clear Skin Purifying Serum – A woman’s best friend at a festival, perfect for those breakouts!

What are your festival essentials?


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  1. I am ashamed to admit I’ve never been to a festival but if I were ever to go this is a great post full of useful tips.

    1. Lolamia

      Oh wow you must experience one! Seriously! x

  2. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never been to a festival. If I ever do go to one this is a great post full of useful info that I will keep in mind.

  3. I’ve been wanting to try cliff bars for ages! They are definitely a great snack for a festival. Love everything you picked, all great for a few days away!

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

    1. Lolamia

      They are so delicious, I can highly recommended! They were so much tastier than anticipated! x

  4. I haven’t been to a festival before and being disabled I’m not sure I will but these sound like very good tips for people who do go to them. I’ve not heard of Clif bars but will investigate those as love a good snack!!

    1. Lolamia

      Thanks darling. I hope you get to experience one for at least a day sometime! Oooo they are delicious! x

  5. So useful! I dread overnight festival situations, so I’ve only been to day ones! If I ever brave it though, I’ll keep this list on hand:) especially the cosmetics must be so practical to have! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Lolamia

      I have only ever been to one day festival! I would like to say I am experienced so ready for all situations! However, I HATE COLD AND RAIN! hahahaha x

  6. I’ll admit to not being the festival/camping type but some of those, the tent, in particular, makes me think it might not be so bad!

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes | http://www.thenorthernwrites.co.uk

    1. Lolamia

      Yes I think as long as you have a good tent and sleeping bag you cant go wrong! x

  7. Bloody love a festival – baby wipes are my absolute essential!

    1. Lolamia

      Hahaha all about that babywipe shower! x

  8. I haven’t been to a festival but I have been camping and a speaker is essential, gotta have the tunes! x

    1. Lolamia

      Yes you don’t realise just how important it is!! x

  9. I’m like you, a bit of a worrier so I am prepared for the zombie apocalypse. But having said that, I haven’t been to an overnight festival either.They have definitely run into the wee hours of the morning though! 🙂 I enjoyed reading your thorough tips!

    1. Lolamia

      Yeah there are certain things I just cant handle hahaha! They arent for everyone, however, most the ones I attend are in the middle of nowhere! hahaha x

  10. will surely come back to this whenever i decide to go to a festival

    1. Lolamia

      Let’s hope it is soon! x

  11. I love festivals and camping, too. We should totally do something one of these days… maybe next summer you can come to the rock festival I go to (almost) every year in Ebbw Vale? We camp out and have a wonderful time. You’d love our crowd.

    1. Lolamia

      OMG yes we should so go to one – I would love to but not really a rocker chick hahaha. Your amazing so I am sure I will love your crowd! x

  12. Neesh

    Great ideas! I love the Zippo hand warmer, how have I never heard of this before!! My main necessity is wet wipes! Cannot do a festival without them!! Haha

    1. Lolamia

      Oh yes wet wipes all the way especially when there is no shower! x

  13. I’ve never been to a festival, so can’t imagine what my essentials would be. If I do ever go, I’ll be sure to check out this post again x

    1. Lolamia

      Oh wow you must babe – honest you will love every minute! x

  14. I never think about taking a hand warmer to festivals and then regret every bloody time it gets to night time and feels like its minus degrees in the tent! I miss festivals so much, hoping I can go to one next year!!
    Alice Xx

    1. Lolamia

      Seriously handwarmers are my savior, I am the worst with the cold! Yes I hope to do a whole bunch of festivals next year! x

  15. I’m going to Coachella next year, I’ll go back to this post to check if I’m well prepared 😊

    1. Lolamia

      Ahhh wow I am mega jealous! x

  16. I love music festivals too and this was such a great list! Now you’ve got me excited to go to my next one 🙂

    1. Lolamia

      Ahh thank you! I can’t wait for next summer! x

  17. Such a great post! this will be so helpful in the summer!

    Sophia xo // https://sophiaaaxo.com

    1. Lolamia

      Thanks 🙂 let me know if it comes of use! x

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