I think we all know by now that I am consistently on the look out for a healthy drink alternative. FLO DRINKS, FLO WATER, HEALTHY, HEALTHY DRINKS, HEALTHY WATER, FLAVOURED WATER, ESSENCE WATER, With my taste buds rejecting normal tap water, and the desire to stir away from fizzy, sugary drinks I am always on the hunt for something new. I have tried and tested so many different types of water. However when I was sent Flo Drinks to test out, this was a game changer. Flo Drink are a new uber healthy range of essence waters. They are a brand new collection of pure natural mineral waters lightly flavoured with some delicious natural aromas. In the height of the health conscious trend Flo Drinks have recognised this as stated by Flõ Drinks founder Dr Ali Lazem.

“Consumers have become more aware of sugar, sweetener and additive content in drinks which previously they perceived as healthy. They are increasingly looking for soft drinks made of natural ingredients and no hidden nasties, which don’t compromise on taste. Flõ Essence Water offers them a mouth-watering alternative with all the goodness of thirst quenching mineral water with a hint of refreshing natural flavour – nothing else!”

The thing I loved the most about Flo Drinks, is their range of flavours. They are unique, exotic and unusual. Something that really tickles the taste buds, and is rare to find in any other flavoured waters. So lets take a look at what is offer.

Flo Drinks – Cucumber Lemon

This is the light and refreshing one. That one that really quenches your thirst. I am such a huge fan of cucumber water and was delightful with that added lemon tang. Its perfect to go along with a meal or on a super hot day.

Flo Drinks – Watermelon Garden Mint

With the watermelon juice craze raging on, this is right on trend. It has a nice light flavour with a fresh burst of mintyness flowing though. I enjoyed this straight after a work out!

Flo Drinks – Lychee Hibiscus

This was one of my favourites. I love lychee and its so rare to find this as a flavoured water which gave it that extra unique factor. It also felt like that healthiest with a subtle wave of hibiscus running through it.

Flo Drinks – Blueberry Vanilla

By far the best. If you need to tickle your tastebuds with that pop of sweetness this is the one. This flavour is the one to choose is your trying to replace that fizzy drink. I am obsessed with anything vanilla flavoured so its the one that stole my heart. With blueberry tones popping off in every mouth full its super delicious.

This truly is a fab range of healthy waters, with no nasties or additives, and all flavoured with non GMO-plants. The packaging is so ultra cool and chic with it being 100% recyclable. The extra bit of goodness is 10% of profits will be donated to clean water and clean planet projects around the world. We love companies with good morals and ethics.

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