Lolita Bonita


As I’ve been trying to get healthier recently, I am forever seeking some quick, tasty, healthy meals to cook up once I get home. Forcing myself for a run in the morning before placement meaning I can get home, cook and actually relax in an evening. However I don’t want to use all that time I’ve freed up cooking. I love cooking but so love relaxing too. When I get Thai or Chinese I love having chicken with cashews, so thought I could probably make something pretty similar at home and went for a garlic cashew chicken. It was so simple yet so tasty it’s definitely making my weekly meal list! 

125g diced chicken

A handful of cashews

4 tbsp of garlic oil




1 tbsp of garlic puree

Tilda wild and brown basmati rice

A sprinkle of chili flakes

Begin to steam your veggies.

Place half the oil into the pan and lightly dry the chicken.

Once the veggies are done toss them with the chicken.

Add in the chill flakes, cashews and spring onion.

Mix in the garlic puree.

Take off the heat and mix with the rest of the oil.

Sprinkle on some extra cashews and serve with rice.

Where do you get your meal ideas from? 

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