So, recently I went on a little TK Maxx shop and whilst I was there I noticed a range of Nip and Fab products. I have heard so many great things about them and loved that they are cruelty free I thought I should test them out. 

Who Are Nip and Fab?

They are the brand on everyone’s  lips right now and the rest of our bodies! They are making waves in the beauty scene and it is understandable to see why! They claim to be an innovative, results-driven beauty brand, providing targeted and effective treatments. Renowned for our use of cutting-edge ingredients in our skincare ranges, from our cult Glycolic Acid range through to Dragon’s Blood and Syn®-ake, our industry-leading products provide targeted fixes to smooth, firm, hydrate and tighten the skin, with a tightly edited range of skin firming + toning body care.

Get Your Kale Fix!

The products that caught my eye were their selection of kale fix skincare! A gentle and nourishing range packed with superfood ingredients kale and watercress to reinvigorate the skin with vitamins to protect against free radical damage and soften and hydrate dry skin. This is exactly what my skin needs right now. After going a bit crazy my body needs some hydration and my skin has been suffering for it!

Kale Fix Clay Mask

A super-charged nourishing clay face mask enriched with minerals and witch hazel, BEAUTY, NATURAL , KALE, KALE FIX, MAKE UP, NIP AND FABworks to draw away impurities without drying the skin. The addition of an advanced moisture complex helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier function & regulate water loss to increase hydration for the skin to leave it feeling touchably soft with a fresh glow.

The first thing I noticed was the smell that comes with this mask. Its so delicious and refreshing I mean you want to put something on your face that smells good whilst you sit and wear it. I have noticed the difference it has made to my skin. I don’t need to put moisturiser on twice a day and the oily parts of my face have evened out.

Kale Fix Make-Up Removing Pads

BEAUTY, NATURAL , KALE, KALE FIX, MAKE UP, NIP AND FABGently cleanse and soften dry skin with these ultra-moisturising cleansing pads. Gentle enough to use around the eyes, these facial pads are enriched with superfood ingredients kale and watercress extracts to remove daily dirt and makeup whilst reinvigorating the skin with vitamins A,C and K to protect against free radical damage and retaining skin softness and elasticity. A dual function moisturising complex ensures skin is deeply comforted and feels touchably soft and smooth.

I LOVED these pads, they were so full of moisture – unlike most facewipes that you have to tug over your face by the end cos they are so dry. They left my skin feeling silky smooth. I found them very refreshing and had a lovely smell. The best bit is they didn’t sting or leave any red marks they left me feeling cleansed. They also easily take off waterproof mascara.

I would highly recommend these products, however I just wish they were a little bit more natural.

Have you tried any Nip and Fab products yet?

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  1. I’ve heard so many good things about this brand and these products look fab! Will have to give them a try x

    1. Lolamia

      Yes I had to see what all the fuss was about! x

  2. I never go in TK Maxx but I might have to investigate as I didn’t know they had any beauty products. Thank you.

    1. Lolamia

      OH MY it is like the best section!! x

  3. Sounds like I need this mask so I can even out my oily patches! I definitely need more Nip and Fab products x

    1. Lolamia

      Oh yes I found this mask great for stuff like that! x

  4. I really want to try some stuff from this brand, have seen it around for so long but never think to get it. Love TK Maxx for a bargain!

    1. Lolamia

      Yeah I had to try it as all I ever heard was rave reviews! x

  5. I need to take better care of my skin. Thank you for this recommendation!

    1. Lolamia

      You are very welcome. Let me know if you try it out 🙂

  6. I love how you can do anything with kale! This looks very fresh and nice to know it has a good smell too 🙂

    1. Lolamia

      It smells amazing! 🙂

  7. Great post! I’ve never heard of Kale skincare before, I might have to try that out:) What do you mean by you wish they were more natural? Did you notice a lot of synthetic ingredients? Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Lolamia

      It’s great! Well I love to use organic, natural skincare a lot of the time and with this there is the kale extracts not all the ingredients are natural – Quoted from Nip and Fab ‘Hey, our products are not natural, however the kale extract is natural’

  8. Elena

    I definitely need this mask from Nip and Fab. I have oily skin so I think this one can help me even out.

    1. Lolamia

      Oh yes I love this stuff so great! and smells lovely! x

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