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Time to get into the holiday spirit… literally with our next gift guide. You will be prosec-ho-ho-hoing all the way through Christmas knowing you have the pressies all wrapped up for your boozy babes. We have a great selection of tipples to warm the hearts of your fave drinking buddies.

Home brewing is all the rage right now – and why shouldn’t it be? Staying in is the new going out so take pride and enjoy your freshly made beer from the comfort of your own home. This ‘Pub at Home‘ kit allows you to do just that! It makes a great gift for any beer lover who is in pursuit of hoppiness and allows you to fulfil the ultimate dream of having a pub on your doorstep – literally.
Mulled wine just screams the festive period – but want to do tradition with a difference? Each year there is a new special edition flavour of Blossa; this year’s flavour is the ever so refreshing Limoncello! This flavour was inspired by Italian Amalfi Coast and its vast lemon groves, blended with a hint of rosemary, thyme and basil it’s the perfect Christmas tipple.

You know that friend where one drink turns into two and then some! Well, Koppaberg had those guys in mind when they brought out this limited edition black KopparKegg. Guaranteed to get that someone special feeling a little bit merry! Voted the UK’s best tasting alcohol brand, Kopparberg will launch the exclusive KopparKeg for a limited time only, from 23rd November onwards –  but be quick because when it’s gone, it’s gone! 
Christmas definitely calls bubbles – not that we need an excuse! There is no better way to sip on the sparkles than turning it into that something a little bit more special. I must admit I am a fan of a Kir Royale as an aperitif. So make your Christmas pop and simply combine Chambord with Prosecco for a perfect festive Chambord Royale cocktail.
If like me you’re watching the weight this Christmas – it’s going to be hard with all the booze flowing around. Give the gift of fewer calories with Skinny Lager – a refreshingly malty beer with only 89 calories per bottle yet doesn’t compromise on taste! It’s the perfect drink choice for the festive period – who wouldn’t want to save the extra calories for those pigs-in-blankets?
We all know that someone who likes a bit of a show and why not after all tis the season! These bursting balls are set to be the talk of the dinner table. Choose your flavour of PopABall and add a bit of shimmer if you wish just place into your drink and then pop for an explosion of flavour. Add a teaspoon to your prosecco to make a Popallini!
How about a stocking filler with a difference? King Cobra is a unique style of larger that has been double-fermented using an ale yeast in champagne bottles. With a superior look and classy cork this beer is a super-premium, with a full-bodied taste and pleasant, hazy experience. This unorthodox approach gives King Cobra its warming, powerful depths.
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