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Lolita Bonita


Summer is almost over, but it doesn’t mean that your healthy eating has to be. On the the other hand, you might have had quite an indulgent summer, which can often happen especially with trips away, getting you out of your normal routine of eating. But as autumn is around the corner, how can you give your weight loss a kick start or a boost? Autumn can bring with it the lovely taste of things like a pumpkin spice latte, but it doesn’t have to all be about comfort food. Here are some tips and tricks to stay on track.

Have Low-Calorie Treats

We all deserve something to treat ourselves to from time to time. Plus, it can be hard to cut out all things sweet all at once. So look for a go-to treat that is a low-calorie option. Something that is around 100 calories or less is always a good idea. It could be a small pot of fruit jelly or a chocolate biscuit. But allowing yourself a few treats from time to time means that you won’t crave them. If you go cold turkey with the treats or sweet things, then for many of us, it automatically means that we want more of them!

Use a Fitness Tracker

With the likes of many fitness trackers out on the market at the moment, it has never been a better time to track your activity levels. If you find that you need a bit of motivation when it comes to exercise, then getting a fitness tracker can be a helpful to get you on your way. If you’re on a bit of a budget, then you could look at getting a step counter instead or getting an app on your phone to help you track your steps. It can be really fascinating when you find out just how little you actually move in a day. Aim for at least ten thousand steps a day and it should help to keep you motivated to get moving.

Keep a Food Diary

Along similar lines to a fitness tracker, instead of monitoring your activity, you can monitor what you eat. This is great if you aren’t a very conscious eater and just go to grab snacks without really thinking about it. When you have to write down what you eat it makes you be much more conscious about what you are eating. So instead of grabbing another bag of crisps, you’re likely to put the bag down. It also goes to show that you might eat more at certain times of the day or just eat out of boredom. So write down how you felt before and after eating too. Hopefully, it will help you to be more aware of what you eat so you can control it in the future.



Have a Fasting Day a Week

There is a lot of sense behind the fasting diet or the 5:2 diet, where you eat normally (within reason) for five days a week, and then two days a week you have fasting days. While these don’t mean going without any food, they do mean having pretty low-calorie days, around five or six hundred calories on the fasting days. So that could be a good way to help you to stay on track, as you know that you can eat most of what you want, just not on one or two days of the week. So look out for some shake diets online as an easy way to do a fasting day, as you won’t have to count any calories. You could look for lower calorie options, unlike Exante diet shakes that have a higher amount of calories per shake. Fasting has been shown to have health benefits, as well as weight loss, so could be worth a try.

Make Food Swaps

A little bit of what you fancy can do you good. But making it healthier will do you even more good. Take something like a salad dressing, for example. A caesar salad dressing can actually be pretty calorific as it is pretty creamy. Instead, make your own dressing with some balsamic vinegar and a squeeze of lemon juice. Choose popcorn instead of a bag of crisps, or choose a rice cake instead of a cookie. Then you still get to eat, but you’ll be consuming less calories overall.

Do you have any tips or tricks to help you to stay on track with your health and well-being goals over the coming months?


This is such a helpful post, Lola! I would recommend also bringing a large water bottle with you everywhere so you can not only get in your required amount of water but it also means you can sip on it when you feel a bit hungry


Yes water is everything! Also helps with a little tummy rumble! x


God I definitely need this post at the moment, I was doing so well on my diet but the past few weeks have been awful! I go to Amsterdam in 10 days though and am determined to lose at least 4 lbs before I jet off so this has been really helpful!
Alice Xx


Yeah I have off days like every other day hahaha! At least I am making the effort! x

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