Back in May my partner and I decided to take a spontaneous last minute holiday. IMG_4325We decided it was a good time to go so we avoided all the holiday rush, then prices would be cheaper, we would avoid sunbed wars, and large queues. We decided to head over to Minorca, as neither of us had ever been there before, I have heard nice things, and the sea looked so beautiful, with the weather slightly better than the UK we were happy. We decided to go with First Choice and went all inclusive, we really just wanted a lazy holiday. We thought Minorca would be it, lazying by the pool, simple walks and bike rides. That meant we opted for Globales Binimar Apartments, the price was so unbelievably cheap, maybe because it was still early in the year and last minute, but still for all inclusive we couldn’t believe it.

When we arrived unfortunately the weather wasnt too great but that is nothing you can control, we took that opportunity to catch up on sleep. The whole resort looked fantastic, it was made up of these canary yellow blocks IMG_4013with apartments on the top and bottom. We were lucky as we got an apartment at the top near to the back on the resort, that meant from our balcony we got a great view of the sea, which not many rooms had. I loved the fact that is was an actual apartment, there was so much space for the two of us, and its nice that you can keep things separate and at night chill in the living room with the balcony doors open. I always find hotel room claustrophobic and they get so messy so easily.

The food I would say was average, I mean it really is what you pay for. Some days were better than others, I was never really that bothered they always had a great salad selection, and fish was on the menu everyday so I was chuffed. plus you cant really beat fruit and ice cream for dessert. Before we went there was very mixed reviews on food, and we were a little concerned bu I seriously didn’t have a problem with it. IMG_3605The best part is food was constantly available until midnight so we were really happy with that. If you wanted to go out for the day, you would not have to worry about what time you got back there would always be something to fill your stomach.

I thought the whole resort was very clean, the maids would come every other day if you wished, giving fresh towels etc, and the resort itself always stayed very clean. there  was never plates, empty glasses or litter lying around. People would often leave their floats etc by the pool if they were heading home.

The town itself was fine, it was quite, but I guess it was only May time. There wasn’t much in terms of culture, they were mainly English bars and pubs, as we were all inclusive we didn’t bother spending extra money to just listen to noisy people watching the football. We rented out bike which were very cheap form the resort, and cycled to the most beautiful little lagoon. It was so gorgeous, no one really tells you its there, you have find it down one of their little IMG_4186jungle paths. When you get there its looks like a tiny beach, but you can walk along the cliffs. If you walk further down it opens into a luscious turquoise space, there are platforms coming across the cliff that you can sunbathe on, and steps thats lead into the sea. There are diving rocks and then it looks out to the opening of the sea. It was shallow to start with so nice and warm, there were plenty of pretty fishes swimming around, so I would advise to get a snorkel kit so you can check out the beautiful marine life. This was probably the best part. As this town didn’t have any big long beaches, they were more like little coves, out of all the ones we discovered, this was was the best, the most tranquil, most beautiful, and was by far the highlight of our holiday.

If you are wanting a nice relaxing holiday then Minorca is somewhere I would recommend. Globales Binimar was definitely a hit with us too. the place was clean and tidy, the staff were friendly and the food was great, The pools were lovely and clean and one even looked out onto the coast. The other guests were also really nice, and people you could approach and make friends with. The nightly entertainment differed and some nights were good others not so goods. I would definitely recommend this and say some elements of the resort are above 3*.

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