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If there is one thing I love the most about Summer it’s being able to enjoy the outdoors! Reading, writing and eating!  It’s good for the body and for the mind. If I could, I would spend all day, everyday laying in the sun! My favourite thing has to be dining Al Fresco though! Whether it’s in restaurants, in the great outdoors or a simple picnic style. What makes picnics even better is having the cutest tuppawear around! Mustard is making me literally go bananas…over it’s quirky snack boxes and accessories!

Mustard are a company that bases its ethos on fuelling creativity and imagination with the funkiest desk items, stationery and lifestyle bits! Let’s be honest the majority of someones time is now spent sat at a desk, staring at a computer or answering the phones. Most of the time in a bleak and dull setting! Cue Mustard, the desk police, the desk ambassadors of the world! They are here to save your desk from the bleak, the mundane, the humdrum. To bring flavour, colour and a sense of belonging all neatly wrapped up in a fashion led package!

So, if you are a stationery nut or just like collecting cute ass bits and pieces then Mustard is the place to go. It has a range of items from the frooty to the feline, in all different bold colours to add that bit of funk to your life! I first came across Mustard in #nationalstationeryweek when I got the most amazing TRex highlighter, which was the dopest piece of stationery I have ever owned. Now I have more, looking cool and keeping hydrated with my straw cup, jotting down blog ideas in my notepad and writing silly messages on the most amazing sticky notes I’ve seen! I can now also dine in style too.

What is your favourite collection?

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