My partner and I rarely go to the cinema. That is mainly because my partner can not just sit through any film. It generally has to be about gangsters or money and based on a true story. This does not give us a lot to choose from really. So when I saw Gold advertised, it was a winner, money and a true story! So I thought it was time for a date night. We were out of town and ended up going to a random cinema. To start with I could believe how cheap it was compared to The Odeon. That is another major thing that stops us going to the cinema. I can not stand spending over a tenner when I used to pay £2.50 back in the day.  SO onto the film.



For this film the handsome Matthew McConaughey, is transformed into a repulsive, pot bellied, balding alcoholic, (my nana will never look at him the same) whose family business has turned him into a gold prospect. Desperate for a lucky break after the business is run into ground, he follows one of his drunken dreams. I mean literally. With the idea that there is a stack of gold somewhere over in South East Asia. He ends up teaming up with a similarly enthused geologist, who had a lucky break somewhere in the past. Yet no one is willing to share his dream in gold and invest in his new search. That is until the two have a meeting. Unsure as to whether this would work, (when you see how unstable Kenny Wells actually is) the geologist comes back to accept the offer. The pair then go off into the uncharted jungle of Indonesia, on an incredible search for Gold.  Finding the Gold is a difficult and costly process. However once they strike Gold keeping in their grasps and away from the paws of wolves of Wall Street is a whole much more difficult. It leads to a whole another adventure.

My Thoughts On Gold?

I absolutely loved it. I think McConaughey always plays these characters in such depth. You completely forget that this is him! I remember him in Wolf Of Wall Street, and he plays these eccentric and obscure characters with such belief, you are really drawn to his character. Throughout the whole film, I felt his emotion, his desperation, and his erratic behaviour. I also love that he has a strong female character by is side, played by Bryce Dallas Howard. She supports him all the way but takes no shit from him either! She is smart and intelligent, and knows when he is being played. Yet she doesn’t care about the money and does not care for the lifestyle. Acosta is the eager geologist and the whole way through I was unsure of his character. There is a constant feeling of offness and sly behaviour. He is one you can never seem to figure out. All in all I really enjoyed this film, even better that the cinema was empty! The plot and the story line was interesting and kept me engaged. Plus I never guessed the huge twist that was coming, which was the best part.

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9 thoughts on “GOLD MOVIE REVIEW

  1. Looks like a movie that’s up my street ! Tnx for the review 🙂
    Xoxo Annaleid

    1. Lolamia

      I would recommend watching it then! A good twist at the end and I normally predict endings so well! x Thanks for stopping by x

  2. Haven’t been to the cinema for a date for years.. inspired to go now. Matthew is such a great actor. Thanks for the review ☺

    1. Lolamia

      I know it was the first time since our first date 2 years ago, I forgot how lovely it was! He is such a good good actor! x Thanks for stopping by x

  3. This film doesn’t really sound like my sort of thing but just knowing Matthew is in it and still achieving his usual amazing standard does tempt me a little bit.. definitely sounds an interesting film from this post!

    Eloise xx

    1. Lolamia

      It would never have been my first choice, but its the way I get my date night and popcorn haha. He does have such a great standard of acting and always gets right into character. x Thanks for stopping by x

  4. Jessica Emily

    I really liked this movie too! Films are so expensive these days – we pay a monthly fee to Odeon and go and see as many films as we want which has saved us a lot and we are always at the cinema! Great review x

    1. Lolamia

      I thought it was pretty good and didnt expect the twist! Too expensive, this random cinema was only around £5 for us both! Oh thats really cool thanks I’ll look into that! x Thanks for popping in x

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