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Lolita Bonita


Exercise is good for you. It is beneficial for your health, both physically and mentally. Yet, for many of us, the idea of taking part in exercise is too much like hard work. You probably have many excuses… you are too busy; you don’t have the energy, you don’t feel like it! However, there will always be the nagging doubt in your mind that your excuses don’t amount to much. You know you should keep fit, but your willpower is weak.

Whatever your exercise routine, be it non-existent, or every other week, it’s time to put aside those excuses. Here are ways you can be motivated to keep fit while having fun in the process.

Play more

Remember the fun you had playing as a child? There is no reason why you can’t play more as an adult. If you have kids, you have a great excuse to play tag, football, capture the flag, etc. However, you can play these same games with other adults, be they family or friends, so don’t let your age be a barrier.

Video games come with a bad reputation. The image of somebody sitting on the sofa all day with a gamepad in one hand and a large bag of crisps in the other is outdated. It seems games console manufacturers are aware of the negative connotations their product implies, and over the last few years, they have made an effort to encourage gamers to exercise while playing the games they enjoy. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have all made innovative steps in turning their machines into a virtual gym, with motion sensor games that enable the gamer to play sport, dance and take part in physically demanding activities from their home.

Take part in an active holiday

For many people, holiday time is an opportunity to relax at home or sunbathing on a golden beach somewhere abroad. However, you might want to consider something a little bit different the next time you choose your holiday destination. For example, a cycling holiday in the Lake District can be a fun way to exercise, while spending time in glorious surroundings. Remember to take out cyclist insurance to protect your bikes while travelling, however.

Wear your dancing shoes

You don’t have to play sport to keep fit. If you enjoy dancing, why not take it up as a regular hobby. There are guaranteed to be dance classes at a venue near you, from ballroom to line dancing, so have a look online and find something suitable to suit your tastes. One of the latest dance crazes is from Brazil. Capoeira is a combination of dancing and martial arts, is physically demanding but a lot of fun.

Of course, you may enjoy heading into town on an evening, so hit your local nightclub and dance the night away with your partner or friends. Dancing is a lot of fun, doesn’t always seem like exercise, but is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy.


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