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#getgrounded, Anti-Oxidants, Beauty, Boots, Coconut Body Scrub, Coffee Body Scrub, Dragons Den, Grounded Body Scrub, Minerals, Smooth Skin, Vitamins, Vogue, Womens HealthNow many of you may have heard of Grounded body scrub since they shot to fame after their appearance on Dragon’s Den, and there is no wonder why, as their pitch wowed the judges and ever since their product has been flying off the shelves from major retailer Boots. It may come as a surprise but I was not new to the good old coffee scrub, it was circulating in London a few years before, but I was not a regular user and it was not that easy to get hold of it. Like the Holy Grail of skincare. At least finally the product got its dues and people were becoming aware of its amazing abilities to sooth skin problems and leave you silky soft, I am sure being mentioned in Vogue and Women’s Health helped.

I have always been rather lucky and blessed with good skin (not too gloat), however turning into my mid twenties,
I noticed those late nights and crazy adventures had begun to take a toll on my skin, and my face started getting patchy dry spells and oily blots. I mean its nothing to cry home about but reminiscing about my younger skin I went on search to discover a magical rejuvenation potion. Which I found in the form of the coffee scrub. I tend to use it as a sort of facemask around 2-3 times a weeks – and try my hardest not to lick it off, it smells so so good. This has worked a treat and I feel my skin has been lifted with a new fresh feel. However the potential does not stop there, as one a week I give myself a good scrub all over, it  is great to use as an exfoliation and I just love the way it makes me feel after, like a babies bum. Although I do not suffer from any skin problems I do find it gets rid of any dry or itchy patches. I have even got my partner on the beauty train, and he can certainly vouch for this, having some issues, he is amazed at how much it works better than any cream and without that sticky feeling, finding his skin a lot less irritable.

I know people love to use serums, creams and everything else, but if there is one thing I recommendIMG_4870 you treat your skin to its this. Its full of vitamins, mineral’s and anti-oxidants, has no micro beads no parabens, no fillers and no nasty chemicals. No to mention its made from delicious real ground Robusta coffee, and the scented coconut makes you feel like your on your own tropical Island.


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  1. caroline tokes

    i love body scrubs will deff have to try this 1

  2. Rachel Stephenson

    How have I never come across this before, need to get some. Thank you

    1. Lolamia

      Oh girl you are missing it. Its amazing, messy, but amazing! x

  3. Wonderful article Thanks for sharing.

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