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It’s Friday and I have just arrived in Lisbon… YEY! As always I flew with only hand luggage using my nifty little backpack. If you travel around a lot like me, whether it be in the UK or around the world the key to an easy life is to travel light! Not only does this save you lugging heavy bags around in the heat or the rain it can also save a fortune on hold baggage costs! You may not think you can pack enough for a 2 week holiday in hand luggage but believe me if you pack well you’ll be like Mary Poppins! With summer holidays coming up I’m letting you into my top tips for travelling with hand luggage.

I am forever seeing people in the airport with these nifty little suitcases that now travel in every direction but trust me when you hit those busy city streets its way more savvy to be carrying a backpack! For me this Fact+Fiction one works a treat! It has so many clever little pockets to stash different bits and bobs including a bottom storage pocket for trainers ;)! I managed to load so much stuff in this baby not to mention its uber cute right!

Yep you heard it… although the travel storage bags are very convenient they really aren’t necessary if you master the sausage roll! This is the best way to keep your clothes compact and means your able to stuff more in! Extra top tip… socks and knickers in the shoes guys… make use of every bit of space!


The most irritating thing about hand luggage is that pesky one little plastic bag and liquid limits! This is where you have to think smart! I got sent the most delicious smelling toiletry pack from A Pony Called Steve including body lotion, body wash, a soap bar and solid perfume… the best bit you ask?! They smelt like pair drops! Honestly though with a soap bar and solid perfume you can save vital space on that little clear bag! You can also opt for foundation sticks and shampoo and conditioner bars!

This is the fun part… instead of packing hundreds of dresses and shorts, pants etc choose items that can make multiple outfits – have a play around go for a mix and match. You never know you may discover your new favourite outfit.

What are your tips for travelling light?


I always wear my biggest or heaviest items on the plane so I don’t have to pack them in the bag. I also like to make sure I’m wearing clothes with pockets too!

Georgia –


Yes – that is a good tactic! x

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