Introducing new French duo and their dreamy and passionate EP Her – Tape #1, unleashing some 12832304_1591832294411052_8904662182514317998_nserious sounds and quickly gaining a larger following and after listening to it you can see why. They have huge potential with a melting pot of  genres running their unique sound such as soul, indie and R&B. You may recognise them from the iphone ad which starred their track ‘Five Minutes’ which oozes some seriously cool vibes. This was just the start of a promising future for this super talented duo. I mean this EP is almost like a love story full tender and poetic romance. As the band describe it “We are focussing on Her Tape No.1. It begins by talking about the dreaming, the lust for a woman, and that’s our track ‘Quite Like’. Then you have the love encounter with ‘Five Minutes’,” reveals Her’s Victor Solf, as co-founder and fellow band leader Simon Carpentier nods in agreement. “Then you have the experience of missing someone in ‘Her’, and finally you have the wedding in ‘Union’.”

However I must admit my ultimate favourite is ‘Union’ this is a pure love song. Its smooth, classy and sophisticated that has ounces of charm just flowing through the track. Its that type of song that every girl wished her man wrote for them. Its once that gives you shivers and makes you get the candles out, and at the moment its constantly on reply. They have such a different a unique sound and one to keep your ears out for.

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  1. Sam Keay

    Great song and band very soulful !

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