Aha yes the year has begun therefore totally appropriate to start talking about trips away… especially as the January Blues kick in I think its healthy to dream away. In my last post I mentioned about travelling to some new spots! That I have already managed to do my friend… booked in and ready to board.. so where am I heading you may ask?!


It may only be the UK but Scotland is as picturesque as they come and as a Northerner I have no quarms heading up the country a bit more! Especially when it’s with your best friends from school to a remote cottage with a hot tub! Let’s pop a bottle and enjoy the bubbles! and the views!

Now I think I have only been to Ireland once… I say I think because I mean it was forever ago and it was to check out the Giants Causeway .. either that or mum’s bedtime stories about giants seemed to manifest into a real memory! So, I am really excited about this trip not only is it with my bestie but we get to go see Majid Jordan live!. Hyped! Do I go on a Guinness tour is the real question?

News just in that my papa is a legend and booked our flights to Portugal. Now I have never been and had planned to in October last year but with no prevail as I was struck down by the Ryan Air curse… and then Monarch. Oh give me strength. So I am finally heading to Cascais to visit family friends and not only that but check LCD Soundsystem in a bloody box. Lucky monkey me! Any recommendations of where to hit up in Portgual? 

Now this one is a plan in the making, but my work is cool and they don’t force you to go in on your Birthday. That means I need to take full advantage of having the hump day off – no better way to celebrate than taking an extra couple days off and jetting away to eat macaroon and drink champagne right? Plus it means I get to brush up on my French, see some sunshine (fingers crossed) and maybe catch up with family. How will you spend your Birthday huh?

This leave nearly a week free, which one must be tactical about as I have taken most at the start of the year! So, we gotta be looking at a winter break here the question is do we go for somewhere festive? or escape to the winter sun? or just go last minute….. surprise! Anyone have any suggestions pop them down below?

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  1. Bex

    Portugal is so beautiful and clean, I visited the algarve a few years ago & loved it!


    1. Lolamia

      I have heard great things so I am really excited! x

  2. A friend of mine just arrived back from Ireland. I am going to share you post. 🙂

    1. Lolamia

      Ahhh I can’t wait! I have no idea where to go though!

  3. I’ve never been to Scotland nor Ireland but would love to visit. Your holidays sound very exciting! Thanks for sharing. X

    1. Lolamia

      Me neither so I am very excited!

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