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Lolita Bonita


On May 15th I spent the most glorious evening in a beautiful loft venue that stank of cheese. It. Was. Amazing. The International Cheese Awards are hosted every year in Dorford Park near Nantwich. It hosts the celebration of the most beautiful thing in the world – CHEESE!

My photog friend and I were lucky enough to get in to the opening evening hosted in London. We were welcomed with big smiles, a glass of prosecco, and a whole load of cheese.


Representatives from the sponsors of the Cheese Awards waited at their cheese adorned tables diligently, unsure of where to start, we went straight for the lovely ladies from ‘Le Gruyere’ because they had little cow toys on the table. After discussing some dishes their creamy gruyere would make an awesome addition to, we moved on to the next table.

Le Gruyère is available from Morrisons at £3.17/200g

Our next victims were from the 134 year old Bradburys company who boast the coveted ‘Supreme Champion’ title for their tasty, tasty Roquefort. We hung around their table for a long time chatting with their representatives and trying to not eat the whole kilo of cheese on the table.

Roquefort Papillon Revelation is available from Waitrose at £30/kg

After this, we had a little wine break and mosey around, chatting with other bloggers and eating more and more cheese – it really was never ending.

We were drawn over to the corner by the bright red/orange of Belton

Farm’s ‘Red Fox’. Red Fox is quite possibly one of the most interesting cheeses I’ve ever tried; it’s a aged Red Leicester but so much more. The cheese is creamy, with a smooth caramel flavour, and every bite comes with a crunch! There’s a lot of science behind it but basically what happens is the sugar in the milk caramelises and creates a ‘crunch’ in the cheese. It also DOES taste amazing on a chocolate digestive!!!

Red Fox is available from Waitrose, Morrisons, and Tesco from £2.50/200g

Our next stop was at Barber’s, a cheese company established in 1833! With being the oldest cheddar cheese making company in the world, it’s no surprise their vintage reserve cheddar – Barber’s 1833 – has made me like cheddar again. Created using the company’s own starter culture, this beautiful wedge also has a distinctive ‘crunch’.

Barber’s 1833 is available from Waitrose at £9.60/kg

We then tried some of South Caernarfon Creameries’ Dragon Cheeses, their fantastic Cavern Cheddar that’s matured in the Llechwedd Slate Caverns. We also tried their totally delicious Vintage Cheddar with Leeks that we all agreed would be amazing in an indulgent cauliflower cheese.

Cheddar available from Sainsbury’s at £2.50/unit

One of my favourite cheeses from the evening was Wyke Farm’s Vintage Cheddar – it really is simply gorgeous. I must’ve raved on a bit too much about how much I loved it, because when we popped to say goodbye to the lovely representatives, they gave me a whole pack *heart eyes*.

Wyke Farm’s Vintage Cheddar is available from Iceland and Waitrose from £2/unit

Last but not least, we found a company that produces the best alternative to feta cheese (and i actually prefer it!). Joseph Heller are a family business whose Cheshire Cheese is the crumbly goodness that your salad needs. Right now. Go buy it!

Joseph Heller’s Cheshire Cheese is available from Asda for £2/unit 

This is just a brief rundown of the amazing and diverse range of cheeses Britt and I were able to sample (who am I kidding, we didn’t sample we devoured). I’m still enjoying the many cheeses they generously gave us in the best goodie bags I’ve ever received, including a cap with the Le Gruyère cheese logo on!

So there we have it, and you could have the chance to try all these amazing cheeses AND more!!! Get tickets for the International Cheese Awards on the 25th July 2018 in Nantwich now!

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