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Layering jewellery is a really fast way to give your look a little more edge and a professional finish. Shockingly, many women admit to not wearing any jewellery at all as they think it can be a chore to put on! It’s not hard to get used to throwing on a few pieces every day, and then learning how to layer your items will make you look so much better. Here are a few ideas you can use to layer your own pieces that will help you:


Layering necklaces can help your outfit to look way better, whether you’re going shopping or out on a date. First of all, pay attention to the type of neckline you’re wearing. Some are crying out for necklaces to be added, while others don’t need necklaces. For example, necklines that are already embellished should probably avoid necklaces, as it can be too much.

To layer your necklaces, you can choose a few different chain lengths and experiment. For example, some like to wear a choker and a slightly longer necklace, while others like to wear lots of long necklaces at slightly different lengths to show off pendants.


Layering rings can give a really cool boho feel to an outfit. Make sure you have some statement rings from places like Jaubalet Paris, and then surround them with midi rings and more dainty rings. The trick is to play with different levels and positions until you find something that looks right. When you find a great combo, don’t forget to take a picture so that you don’t forget! It’s fine to wear more than one ring on the same finger too, and don’t neglect your thumb!

Layering bracelets to create a sort of ‘arm party’ can look awesome when done right. If you wear a watch, put that on first. It can be any style, but where it goes can depend on what it looks like. For slimmer watches, they can be positioned anywhere, with jewellery either side. For chunkier pieces, it’s usually best to wear it furthest up your wrist, with the jewellery nearest to your hand. To make your arm party look good, experiment with bracelets of different thicknesses and textures. Wear a statement bracelet with lots of jewels, a beaded bracelet, and even add a friendship bracelet if you like. Again, it’s all about experimenting to see what looks right. There are whole boards on Pinterest dedicated to this if you need help!


Experiment with mixing metals. There are no rules!

Make sure you assess your outfit so you can fill in the gaps.

Buy both quality and costume jewellery to experiment with.

Take care of your expensive pieces so they last a lifetime.

Take pictures if your favourite creations so you can do them again!

Don’t stick to silly rules – sometimes more is more.

Don’t use too much of the same. E.g. the same style, colour.

How do you layer your jewellery?

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