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You must now by now, one of our favourite things to do is to go out for dinner! So, when we were invited to try out Las Iguanas new menu, of course the answer was a yes! I have been a few times and always loved my experience at this busy Mexican restaurant., however it was nice to try something different.


As we arrived to the restaurant we were surprised how huge this restaurant actually is, from the front it seemed quite small. It had a nice buzz about it and there were already people in having a few drinks and some dining further back.

We were greeted by the bar man to ask if we were dining or just here for drinks, we were then directed to our server who seated us at our table. They instantly asked us if we needed the vegetarian or gluten free menu, which we thought was great. Having worked in the food industry we know how difficult and awkward it can be for some people who have dietary requirements.

We opted to start with cocktail, of course! We went for the PUNCH?

It arrived served in a wine glass garnished with a fresh raspberry and sprig of mint, and was topped with cava and crushed ice. Instantly refreshing! It was very strong (just how we like it ) but was absolutely delicious – Just want we needed after a hard day shopping!


For our starter we opted for the 3 plates for £15.95, a great sharer for dining with friends. We chose the calamari, mussels and ribs.


The calamari was coated in cassava crumb which is a typical crumb used in Brazilian cooking (similar to the Japanese Panko crumb). It made the calamari perfect and crispy, and it was served with a light aioli and lemon wedge.


The pork ribs were sprinkled with crispy onions and cooked in a delicious sweet sauce. I was not massively keen on these, but that was down to my own taste.


The mussels lime coconut coriander chilli shallots were just delicious. Served just the way we like it, with bread to mop up the sauce 😉 The flavours were just amazing, and the dish was topped with dried-flaked coconut and a wedge of lime. This dish was available both as a tapas or a main course, and is part of their new menu! It is a must to try!


For the main we opted for the Argentinian gaucho steak, served medium rare but perfectly grilled on the outside. Drooling just thinking about it…! This was served with a salad (or you could opt for chips). We have to be healthy sometimes! The salad was cold and crisp served with an unusual sweet baby pepper, roquito! Served with a fresh herb, chilli churi sauce (slightly oily but a little drizzle was perfect). It also came with Humitas, an Argentinian style roasted Sweetcorn purée, essentially just sweetcorn mash potato (minus the potato). It WAS AMAZING! The fresh herb chilli Churi was delicious over the salad but bit watery.

On the main menu they had all the allergens clearly listed, but we also noticed they had ‘ask for GF’ which I think is great for people who have dietary needs who can clearly see what they can and can’t have. We also noticed that all of the chicken was halal.

After dinner we stopped to have a couple of 2-4-1 cocktails (served all day everyday – yes! Thank me later).

We opted for an Alabama slammer, recommended by our lovely waitress Aga. It was refreshing and tasted like love hearts but not too sweet! We also managed to squeeze in an espresso martini just to finish the meal – perfection!


Aga looked after us all afternoon and even brought extra napkins without asking – always a good sign that the staff are on top form. We found the staff very accommodating and friendly the whole way through our meal. 

If this sounds tasty to you, you can book a table here.

What is your fave Mexican dish?


Not been to Las Iguanas for ages but these new menu options sound absolutely delicious. I’ll have to pay a visit. I’m not a big fan of burritos but Nachos take the prize any time as my fave Mexican treat.



Oh yes Nachos are a little naughty!! Mexican is one of my faves! x


I love food, especially Mexican! This is a great read. You definitely get a feel for the place and the food pictures are mouthwatering! Seriously jealous.


Yeah Mexican is one of my faves! Delicious! x


Looks so good!


it was so tasty! x


This sounds and looks brilliant! You’ve made me so hungry, and I’m now trying to see if they have a branch in Glasgow because I simply have to go try their food!


They should do its a great pace and a given to be tasty! x


I have never tried Mexican food but I think I’m seriously missing out. Just from your photos it all looks delicious! Great post


Oh I must say you really are! x


I love the look of the cocktails and the steak! X


The cocktails were amazing! x

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