Since Blue Planet the world has been in an eco frenzy. Yet, let’s be honest it’s a little heartbreaking that it took do long. However, I guess if anyone’s is going to make us wake up it’s going to be the legend that is David Attenborough! At least now everyone is listening and let’s hope it’s not all a little too late!

I’ve been brought up as a nature lover and a tree hugger, so none of this is new to me. My mum ran her own company that was based on creative community workshops that focused on making something new out of something old. She brought us up veggie and worked for the wildlife trust. She has always instilled upon me to look after this beautiful world of ours – because we only have one!

This I am thankful for – I must admit, myself, like the majority have played a part in not taking care of the planet but as I’ve got older that eco warrior within me has been born again! Now, I can’t say I live a perfectly sustainable lifestyle and nor will I pretend I do but I am increasingly making more eco-friendly choices in my lifestyle, so that hopefully one day it will make a difference! It is possible – countries like Sweden are now waste free Denmark get over 40% of its power from renewable sources.

If you too were touched by Attinbourough’s soft subtle voice as he described a horrific sea of plastic or generally want to try to make a sustainable change – here are some tips below!

When it comes to household waste toiletries are one of the worst – microbeads, facewipes and cotton buds all contribute to the destruction of our planet! People can make the smallest changes to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

WooBamboo are a great brand cleaning up the dental world and offer a variety of plastic free products! It’s bamboo brush gives a squeaky clean with a range of tasty toothpastes all eco-friendly!

We’ve all seen them recently shampoo and conditioning bars are creating a storm! There are so many benefits to these not only are they plastic free, they are generally organic and produced with natural ingredients! They are also great for travelling!

Let’s talk about that monthly trip to pain land and back – the thought of periods make many people squirm so thinking of an eco-friendly way to deal with them is not the top of the agenda… well there is a little invention called Modibodi designed for comfort and zero leakage – I must say I wasn’t optimistic at first but they really aren’t that bad however one step at a time and for now they are at home pants for me! For the more squirmish Organyc offer a more sustainable range of feminine care!

Eco Bath London offer a great range of products that replace those face wipes and cotton pads with a variety of washable flannels, eye pads and loofahs.

At the end of last year the latte levy was national news! Our disposable coffee cups were making big piles on landfills and had were un recyclable until James Cropper came along – I only mention this as I hail from Kendal and it’s great when your hometown does something positive! Let’s be honest recycling is not always the best way, not when you can reuse! This is where WAKE comes in the stylish alternative to single use cups. WAKEcups are made from sustainable goods like farmed bamboo, stainless steel, double-walled glass and BPA free plastic.

Yep the big companies have been getting their CSR on. Now we forcibly have to pay 5p for our shopping bags there has been a rise in stylish shoppers and tote bags! Whilst we are on the topic WAKE has some seriously sexy sustainable bags on offer. During manufacture of our WAKEbags, poly paper fibres are spun and then bonded together to create the look of brown paper, but with the durability and thickness of the strongest leather!

It is not just shopping bags, the supermarkets are filled with products suffocated by packaging. I can’t wait for waste free supermarkets to hit the streets. We need to look at the products we buy and where from. It is time we all started to embrace the loose veggies vibe. I mean do you really need that plastic bag for a courgette and those button mushrooms?! The answer is no!

Changing the way we shop is one of the key factors of living a more eco lifestyle. We live in such a materialistic society that we want to show off the nicest things the newest of clothes. When really we can get things of equal value from a charity shop! It’s unbelievable the deals you can get and you’re always better giving something another life and throwing it away!

What little changes are you making?

Lolita Bonita WooBamboo Giveaway

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  1. Mark Mabbott

    I’d like those totally white teeth the celebs have!

    1. Lolamia

      Not glow in the dark level though hey haha! x

  2. Sarah Mackay

    I am trying to eat more in season foods.

    1. Lolamia

      That is a great way – plus you get to try out loads of new tasty recipes each season! x

  3. Rachel Craig

    Great prize. Oral hygiene is important for health, wellbeing, etc. As ideally we want to look and feel happy and healthy.

    1. Lolamia

      but not ruin the environment whilst we do so! x

  4. Sue McCarthy

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    Great prizes

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    great post and a lovely giveaway x

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  8. I’m intrigued by the toothpaste, not seen those before!

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      They taste lovely too! x

  9. Michael

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  10. Samantha C

    This is exactly what I was looking for

  11. Jo F

    This is an interesting post. I’ve been using a moon cup for years and would never go back to tampons.

  12. Charlotte Austin

    I watched that and found it so upsetting what we are doing to the world x


    Fantastic giveaway. I am trying to do my bit by reusing and recycling products.

  14. Sheri Darby

    What a wonderful giveaway

  15. Jo m welsh

    We are looking at going back to the milkman to save on all the plastic bottles.

  16. Jenn Gillies

    Really great reminders about different things we can do.

  17. Lisa Hall

    Walking more, especially as we have a new pup.

  18. Jeanette Leighton

    Entered love to try , really important to brush my teeth love to try these products

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    That toothpaste looks amazing 🙃

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    the toothpaste sounds so different, love to try it

  22. I’ve heard of these but haven’t ever seen any anywhere. I don’t think our governments are doing enough to reduce the amount of plastic waste we have.

  23. Linda Curtis

    very nice and practical
    its very important to teach children from very younmg the importance of dental hygeine
    and this is a produc we have not tried so would be great

  24. Janine H

    We’re trying to live the waste free, organic, eco-friendly life

  25. Rebecca Whatmore

    Brill prize – thank you!

  26. Sam Cornford

    Teaching my daughter the importance of recycling and what can happen to her favourites ( turtles) and other animals when people don’t look after the planet


    Love to win this fantastic giveaway

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  29. Natalie S

    Great prize and that you are raising awareness. Thumbs up!

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  31. Sarah Roberts

    Doing more smaller shops so we dont waste as much food as when we do a big shop and things go out of date or spoil.

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