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It’s 2019! Well it has been for 4 days. So, happy belated new year mes amis! A new year hey, now is the time everyone is thinking  new year new you, new years resolutions and all that jazz. Setting goals and aspirations for the year that you wont achieve and then feel bad about not achieving at the end of the year. Is it just me who does that? Looking back at last years goals, I touched on barely any them! Ha. I mainly realised I set myself way too many tasks that need so much dedicated time. I am one that doesn’t have much dedicated time to give! So, this year I am working on growing as a person and focusing on the little things! Little things that will hopefully make me happier and healthier and will eventually merge into my lifestyle.

I hands up am the first to admit I spend WAY too much time on my phone or laptop. My eyes constantly glaring, fingers constantly scrolling, sometimes on multiple devices. I seriously need to stop being a screen slut and focus on the world outside. It affects my sleep, my mood, my mental health! Less screen time will hopefully give me more well me time.

Without the distraction of my phone, I want to get back into the habit of reading myself to sleep. I miss books and enviously look over at the straight spined pages stood waiting to be read on my shelf. I am the only one who controls that, so I set myself a Goodreads challenge of #12books12months. If anyone has any must reads leave them below.

In 2019 I need to stop spreading myself so thin. Yep the ground is soon to crack beneath me and watch me fall into a pit of chaos and exhaustion. So I need to stop filling my diary and take some weekends just to kick back and relax. Maybe it will give me time to complete my challenge above.

This is a long way off for me, but, I like to think I have already begun to make positive steps in changing the wasteful parts of my life! As much as possible I try to purchase plastic free, I have been struggling with make up though. I have my reusable water bottle, coffee cup and tote bags so that’s all sorted. I LOVE shopping at charity shops anyways so that won’t be bothered. I have just got a plastic free haul of toiletries but I would like to reduce this more and make a real eco conscious effort in 2019.

I have wanted to learn another language for a long time. I tried Portuguese for a bit but life got too hectic. I love Duolingo and thought if I just dedicate 15 mins of every evening (I study better at night) then there isn’t too much pressure but over time I should hopefully pick up a bit of the lingo.

This is something I tried just before Christmas and loved it. It gets me out the house, active and gives my brain some zen. Call it using some of my me time.

All of these things are to be slowly implemented into my life through 2019 so by the end they are just part of my everyday life rather than something I can tick off
– or not in my case at the end of the year.


I want to try and go zero waste too. And I spend too much time on screens as well; I often have my phone and laptop on the go at the same time!



Same… I get told off for it often. I am going to try and set the screens down at 8pm! x


Love these goals!! And your blog website looks great!! X


Awww thanks! I would rather set little targets! x


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