So you may have seen that in these past few weeks my regular daily blog posts, have become BLOGGING, BLOGGER, LBLOGGER, FDBLOGGER, LIFESTYLE, MOTIVATION, MOJO, FOOD BLOGGER, LIFESTYLE BLOGGERwell a lot less regular and daily. I seem to have what might you call it – lost my blogging mojo. These past weeks I have become incredibly overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. These three things are a bloggers ticking time bomb, well anyone’s ticking time bomb really.  There wasn’t really a huge specific reason for this, but my whole mood just shrunk, with that my motivation and my ability to blog.  The major thing that started it all off was that my laptop broke, followed by my phone. Sadly enough in this day and age these two electronic devices are my life.

I wasn’t left say bored. I had books, a house to clean the sun was shining and we have finally purchased a TV and an XBOX for the boy. However I just felt a lack of wanting to do anything. I just kept thinking back to the last few months. How hard I had worked to gain my stats that were slowly whittling away. The products I have pitched for that needed reviewing. The pictures that needed to be added to Instagram. The more things I needed to apply for, such as freelance work and sponsored posts. My new laptop had finally arrived, but now I was in this state of mind.

business-19156_1920Yet I couldn’t seem to kick it. I felt dismayed as I watched by influence score go down, as well as my followers and my stats. Kicking back into action didn’t seem possible. I wasn’t eating well so had no recipe inspiration. This meant I couldn’t review and write about products I had received. I wasn’t in the mood to write long fitness posts or get creative. I thought seriously somethings gotta give here.

SO there it was a sunny Saturday morning – I had just answered the door to the postie and got excited about the parcel I received. Sitting there happily tasting an array of products I was sent, I had a little think about things. I remembered important points I had read and thought there was nothing to be worried or getting so worked up about. Monday was a new week. I can spend tomorrow planning my weeks post, and recipes. Head to the shop to buy ingredients. Get my yoga practice in and carry on jogging. So if you are feeling a little blue or have lost you blogging mojo, why not take a look at these points.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a break : I know many bloggers whether full time or not, literally spend hours writing, planing or on social media. It takes up so much time. However your doing it because you enjoy doing it. Everyone takes a few days off sometimes. Allow yourself to breath, give yourself some thinking time. Who know you may come up with some incredible new ideas. Remember that if your not motivated or in a positive mood to write, what your writing probably wont that good. Your mood reflects your writing. So enjoy the last of the sun, go for a walk or read that book you have been putting off.

Companies are cool : I found a lot of my stress came from letting companies down. Not delivering reviews and posts on time. However many of them understand that things happen beyond your control. There was nothing I could do without my laptop. I used my partners phone to message them all saying posts will be delayed due to my laptop. I was surprised to find a very positive response, many of them loving what I had posted on Instagram already. That took a lot of the weight off.

Stats are not everything :  You many hear many bloggers say this. However it is true. Stats are not the business-926221_1920B all and end all. A lot of companies find other elements important to. Such as your engagement with your followers. This is key as if you have no influence with the people your connecting to, who will read and take your advice. They also want to work with bloggers that reflect and synergises with their brand. So if your blog ticks those boxes there is not nothing to worry about in terms of collaboration.

Blogs take time and your readers stick by you : Really to hit that certain safe level blogs take serious time, I normally think it will take up to two years to build a blog with somewhat success, steady followers and brands contacting you. If your in the first years, then dont worry about it. Take your time, enjoy it. Once you get to that level, your readers are dedicated, they are your friends. You’ll have met loads of other bloggers to connect with that will read what our doing and share your success. Obviously getting to that point, is a long a hard working road. But hey whats success if you aint going to work hard for it!

I hope this has helped any of you going through the same thought process as me. For now its a new day, fresh week and I am back on the blogging train.

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