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Generally, I must admit I am one of those people who likes to leave Christmas to the last-minute. I hate Nov Christmas ads with a passion and when they started so early this year I felt fire burn within me! Maybe it’s the years spent working on the Coca Cola Christmas truck, or the fact my papa is a complete and utter Scrooge. I just believe it all comes around a lot earlier than needs be. However, last weekend I was invited to Moonpig’s Christmas event making me feel less like the Grinch and more warm and festive inside. Even better we all got #MerrierTogether as a blogging collective.

The online world has changed the way we now connect, we are social beings and in technological era. Smart-phones put the world at our fingertips, but we long to connect with our hearts. Cards do that. They are the embodiment of care. While social media provides people with endless streams of moments, cards provide a definite sense of meaning.

Image courtesy of Matt Chappell and Moonpig

During the event there was a whole host of activities for us to take part in. Well let’s just say Moonpig don’t know me that well and at 1:00pm after a mulled wine they started me and several others on the cocktail making class. Big mistake for anyone who may have wanted to hear themselves think! What a great way to begin the day, tickling mint, giggling away whilst supping candy cane cocktails. I could tell you what was in them but, alas surprise surprise I don’t remember. I was having FAR too much fun laughing away with my new blogger buddies Sian and Victoria. What I do know though is that they were very tasty and I have a lot of experience with Revs and its cocktail making sessions so I can vouch.

Image courtesy of Matt Chappell and Moonpig

Next up, we were off to test Moonpig’s personalised card section. BEST THING EVER, only cos girl loves a photobooth. I mean I could have peed it was so funny. The girls and I set about dressing in hilarious Christmas attire to get that ultimate Crimbo card shot. Think we failed mostly – as you can see below, however at one point we succeed and as cute as we are sent the card to each other 🙂 – which I must add arrived very promptly.


We downed tools for a spot of lunch, which consisted of all the Christmas flavours with a twist. Turkey sliders with cranberry sauce, pigs in blankets and mince pies. I must say I need some carbs to start to absorb these cocktails ha! Then we went for a wreath making session, the one I was looking forward to the most, yet had seem to have lost all my creative skills. Wreath making is particularly difficult and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Again a session full of giggles and a handy tip never leave your phone lying around. Thanks Codie for these – I will forever haunt you! My wreath was made after much difficult but I was rather proud and looking forward to hanging it on the door!

It was time for a bit of calming down and I must admit I found designing my niece a santa sack rather therapeutic – plus it looks awesome right!! This was exactly what we had as a kid – well a large pillow case. There was no opening presents under the tree the traditional way. Nope giant pillow cases at the end of our bed is how our family roll. I think this had to be my fave part of the whole day and you can create your own personalised sack for someone special here.

Last but not lease this amazing goodie bag stuffed full of Moonpig treats :). How delicious! Included in my cute tote were some very posh biscuits, a smores baking kit, which I cannot wait to do with my niece and well a personalised Christmas mug which is being used as I write.

I must say what an incredible event and it really did spread some early Christmas cheer. I met some fantastic ladies and got some great Christmas goodies and gifts – I know where I’m going to be doing my Christmas shopping.

Have you started your Christmas shopping?


This sounds like an amazing event!
I hope it brought an early Christmas cheer this month ( even though it’s a bit early) lol.


It really did 🙂 x

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