Moving across the country might not seem like a Herculean effort, particularly if you live in England, in which the North South divide can often be traversed end to end in a matter of seven or eight road hours. For that reason, it might not seem like you’ll need to consider a few behavioural habits to help you acclimatise to the new location. However, humans are such territorial creatures that moving your home base can often take quite a while to help you find comfort in. This is perfectly naturally, and many people adapt to this over the course of varying timelines.

However, there are things you can do to allow this time to be a much more peaceful one. We’d recommend the following if heading to pastures new:

Building social connections is very important from the moment you enter the new environment. This means heading to places that you might consider to be a little out of your comfort zone. It means greeting your neighbours and introducing yourself in the best way possible. It also means being in that honeymoon period where a favour that puts you out a little could be instrumental in helping you blossom a new friendship and simply meet people that care. Social connections keep us sane, so be sure to cultivate a few from almost the moment you land in the new environment.

Seeking similarities with your old life can help you come back down to Earth and find comfort in the everyday. Eat at similar restaurants that you used to for the first week, maybe find an underground scene here that you also loved back home. While heading to borders new can be a refreshing experience and you shouldn’t try to cling to your old life, sometimes easing yourself into the deep end can be best begun with a little familiarity. After all, there’s likely plenty on your mind already, and allowing yourself to be greeted with an equal balance of novelty and similarity can help temper you for the next adventure, allowing you to relax just a little bit.

The art of transporting your goods with even a competent service like Shiply can take a little bit of effort. This means that when you head to the new location, you’re likely either fully energised or somewhat drained. We’d recommend that you spend a little time pre-planning however, especially in safety knowledge. This means either ensuring that you have help moving in, or that you fully investigate the history and trustworthiness of your new landlord or property managers. It also means learning online through forums and other areas the places to avoid in your new environment, or to be familiar with the crime statistics there. It also means custom fitting your new place to fit you from a security standpoint. This might mean purchasing custom locks for equipment storage or simply having your window replaced before you move in.

When all this is taken care of, you can be sure that moving across the country is a pleasant experience, and within a matter of months you’ll be settled in.

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