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This month Red Bull have been touring with their #NormalNotNovelty workshops, a series of events aimed at aspiring female-identifying engineers, producers and DJs. With huge names like Monki, Coco Cole, Mandy Parnell, Olga Fitzroy, Flava D and Georgia sharing their knowledge and experiences in the industry, each location will have it’s own local expertise who have broken through the barriers and made it over in the big smoke. As we were in Manchester, held at the music collage, we were fortunate to have the presence of ultra talented Katie Tavini, Anz and Madam X. The music industry is becoming a women’s world and it’s time we owned it! Celebrating the success of those that have stood up and rose in a male dominated market – it’s time to make some more phoenix’s! According to Women’s Audio Mission, only 5 per cent of people creating sound and media are women, so it’s time to show everyone what we are made of, and it is great to have Red Bull’s support on this one! 


If you want an example of a ball busting grafter, this feisty little lady is the one. Now I am no DJ, Producer or Engineer, I would love to think I was blessed with those talents but it is safe to say I roll best with events, PR and marketing. However, that will not stop me going to valuable events such as these. Whatever you want your place to be in the industry, rolling with like minded people and supporting each other is going to benefit you in the near future. For me, someone who works with DJ duo Trutopia and The Night Mayors, sitting into Madam X’s talk and adsorbing the wealth of information she has to offer was a result.

Madam X is a renowned DJ, label head for Kaizen, and club impresario, who regularly runs electronic club nights that range from packed 100-cap basements to 8000 capacity festival tents. So, you see really I could get the advice and knowledge from anyone better.  The great thing about these events, is the intimacy it allows with our successful peers. Attendees were able to have in depth conversations and discussions about skills, techniques, stories and fears, and in this room no one is better than another, we are all there to learn. That in itself is powerful.

 “I was really keen to get involved with these workshops. It’s not unusual to come across a female DJ or producer but there’s this stigma surrounding electronic music as being a bit of a sausage fest. It can intimidate women from getting involved. I’ve certainly had my fair share of ‘didn’t-know-women-could-mix’ backhanded compliments.” Madam X

The talks only last for around an hour and then it is time for the all important networking sessions. These are the key elements of any event in the industry and it is true what they say ‘it’s not what you know but who you know.’ As the wine popped, everyone eased into conversation and started to connect with stories and experiences. At least everyone has one thing in common and that is there passion for music.

For some reason these events always take me by surprise with the people that you form a bond with. For us a group of 5-6 of us all went out for follow up drinks. People from all backgrounds, with different skills and tastes in music. However, we have now united into a strong group, where we can watch each other grow and offer whatever we to help make that break into the industry easier for one another. So, Red Bull, not like you need but hats off – you don’t know what you have just created!

‘Had such an inspiring night at the workshop! It’s great to see a room full of empowering talented women all supporting each other in the game.’ Lola Bellouere.

‘An excellent opportunity to meet industry professionals and inspiring, talented women who share the same musical goals. Thank you for making it happen. Barriers have most certainly been broken; someone please sign me up for the next one!’ Zara Green.

‘Great Production Workshop with ANZ and K-Minor – ANZ smashed it out the park with them outstanding pink booklets she made us all!!’ Kerry McColgan.

‘Amazing experience! Extremely inspirational evening! Met some fantastic people!!!’ Eve Louise Horne.


Looks like an amazing event! Always up for some female empowerment, it’s so important:D Would love to see more female DJs out there, I know we can do it! Great review!


Yeah its great there is such an amazing support group out there! x


Wow this sounds like a wonderful event to attend. I like how at the end you have included what others who attended said about the event. Thanks for sharing!


Yes it was a great opportunity and had opened many doors! x

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