OMEGAWATER, OMEGA 3, LAUNCH, UK, OMEGAWHIRL, HEALTHY WATER, WATER, REHYDRATE, OMEGA 3 WATER, HYDRATE, FISH OILS, FLAX SEEDEarlier this month we were super hyped to post about the launch of OmegaWater. As a household that suffers from a variety health issues, we are forever trying to stuff as much Omega 3 into our bodies for their various benefits. So to discover OmegaWater, where I can get my Omega’s whilst keeping hydrated is a water revolution. OmegaWater is the first all natural health water to be enriched with Omega 3 along with 8 other essential vitamins and electrolytes. Their special patented technology allows them to enhance the water with 80mg of Omega 3 as well as the other vitamins including vitamin D. This is what differentiates them of all other smart waters available in the market place. From a nutritional viewpoint along with low calorie content this is the perfect drink to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle. Especially if your not a fan of swallowing pills. These bottles of goodness are available in three different flavours.


The first thing I thought about was the taste. I wondered how it would effect the flavour being enhanced with fish oils. Its makes the drink rather cloudy, however doesn’t actually change the taste. There is no fishyness lingering around which was actually surprising. However the drink does have a silky texture, but personally I dont mind. Now lets take a look a the flavours.


This was the first one that I tasted and I have to admit my favourite. I love the tropical flavours and there are not enough drinks that taste like this. I think it has more of an adult palette, and was the least sweetest out of the lot. What I really liked is that it was almost like a juice drink rather than a flavoured water, which to me made it more pleasurable to drink, and in a strange way more filling. You could smell the exotics as soon as you open the bottle. It had a strong coconut flavour with soft undertones of pineapple flowing through. Super tasty.


I think this one was definitely the sweetest of the bunch, and had that fromage frais flavour to it.  I always love that flavour as brings me back to my childhood. I like that it tastes real and not some super sweet fake flavour. Again it was almost like a juice drink, and you wouldn’t believe the health benefits it contains.


Opening this bottle you could really smell the citrus zing. It wasnt the strongest flavour, so wasnt too overpowering but was very refreshing. Ideal for after a hot workout. It had a slightly sour tang to it which I really.

Overall I think OmegaWater has a really positive future ahead. Its something I think many will buy into and it has so many great health benefits. Its also a great way to get the omegas and vitamins into children. As a new brand they do not have any stockist as of yet but keep an eye on their site to find out where to get your hands on some.


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2 thoughts on “OMEGAWATER REVIEW

  1. The mixed berry one sounds right up my street! I’m going to have to look out for these

    Tasha x

    1. Lolamia

      Yes do. I love it as always trying to find new ways to get Omega 3 in my diet! 🙂 x

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