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Hands down this is by far the best breakfast I have ever had. Yep, peanut butter nice cream. With the hot weather on its way, there is no better excuse to indulge in a cooling, creamy bowl of ice cream for brekkie. What is even better is this naughty sweet treat is surprisingly healthy and one of your 5 a day so no problem at all to get stuck in in the morning. YUM. This is a recipe you can get super creative with – adding different ingredients to create different flavours, maybe pieces of fruit, chocolate chips if you’re feeling cheeky. For this one I went with peanut butter – one of my weaknesses when it comes to ice cream. Seriously guys though this is the one for them summer time vibes.


2 bananas

2 tbsp of Merdians peanut butter

1 tbsp of Hale Naturals chocolate PPB

A dash of hazelnut milk (you can use almond, cashew, coconut)

1/4 bar of Love Cocoa dark chocolate

A handful of coconut brownie superseeds.

Break up your banana’s into chunks and place in the freezer. Leave overnight.

The next morning in your blender add the bananas, peanut butter, chocolate PPB powder and milk.

Blend together. Is your blender is not so great you may have to add more milk. It still tastes great but looks like you were a kid again and whirled up your ice cream.

Melt your chocolate.

Place your nice cream into a bowl.

Dribble the chocolate on top.

Sprinkle on your coconut brownie superseeds.

Enjoy your breakfast :).


This looks like a yummy breakfast! So many lovely things in it but looks healthy too!


The best sort of breakfast! x


This looks absolutely incredible! I love the meridian nut butters too x



They are fab aren’t they! x


Wow!! This sounds amazing! I love that it is healthy and good for you, whilst being super delicious too. Perfect! I’ll have to give this a try! Thanks for sharing the recipe <3 xx

Bexa |


It is super tasty – perfect for these hot days! x


This sounds amazing 😍 Gonna try it this weekend. Thanks for sharing 😊


It is truly delicious :). Let me know what you think x

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