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Lolita Bonita


As you may know, recently I ventured back to Lisbon for a couple of days. The occasion wasn’t pleasant, the weather was poor but it was perfect for a bit more exploring and eating. Down the bustling backstreets of the city, along a street filled with quaint restaurants and cafes was a brunch spot I’ve been dying to try! Fauna and Flora. Last time I flew over, every time I even attempted to dine there, it was an impossibility – queues out the door and not a spare seat in sight for me to get my nibble on. That is a good sign though! This time I was determined I was going to make it in for some tasty toast. I got up early – with a raging hangover and shuffled on over early morning. I was going to be clever and avoid the mid morning rush. I was clever. I was the first one in. Time to sit back looking smug and delve into some hangover goodness. We will ignore the fact I dined solo.


It was almost as if I’d stepped into my nana’s greenhouse – minus the heat. Plants all over the spot which I love, I have a soft spot for a succulent or a happy hanger. Let’s be honest a good bit of foliage is all the rage right now and that trend carries over to Europe. It’s lovely and cute, a fresh atmosphere that suits the cafes ethos. Honest, healthy food all homemade. It oozes chilled vibes, decked out in warm wood filled corner to corner with nature along with a soulful playlist. They have brought the outside in.


The menu was a lot bigger than expected. I was imagining a list of posh toasts and that was your lot. I was wrong. All the hipster classics were available. Smoothie granola bowls, eggs and toast, bowls, dips and snacks. Catering to all really. I was ready for something big. I opted for a different choice – yes it was still eggs on toast, but with the extra addition of crispy prosciutto ham, onion jam and melted brie. I mean that had to cure my hangover right? I couldn’t even finish the portions were so big. It has defeated me as soon as it was placed in front of me. My was it worth the wait and the early start to the day.



The staff were fairly pleasant. They just left you to chill and were attentive when they needed to be – nothing to complain about there. When I arrived there was a lot of them, mulling around but as soon as it hit elevensies you immediately understood why. They just didn’t stop. It was crazy how many people they had to turn away.

If you are ever heading over to Lisbon, I would highly recommend this brunching bar, the prices are decent for what it is.  I was quiet happy sitting there having my mellow solo meal – doubt I would have been the best company anyways ha!


Where is your best brunching spot?

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