POW Energy Water REVIEW

12310479_473510196184788_651228073032725979_nIn need of a light, low calorie refreshing drink to give you that extra boost well POW Energy water is the one. I have often been dubbed a water snob for the fact that I come from an area that produces some of the nicest freshest water yet still cant drink it out of the tap. Mainly because I cant stand the taste, but also I find water a boring drink and like to add a little pazzaz. I love a bit of sparkle in my drink but I find many flavoured waters very sweet and sickly. This is how I stumbled across POW, it was released last year, and developed along the beautiful coast of Devon. Designed to offer drinkers a healthier and natural alternative to energy drinks.

It gives a natural boost using caffeine Guarana and other energy boosters such as Ginseng and Vitamin B.  It uses 100% natural fruit and the plant extract Stevia are used to sweeten, and to aid hydration mineral salts are added, leaving you with a product that is refreshing, lightly flavoured and has a natural lift to provide good energy through your day. This means there is no added nasties and leaves a nice taste on your palette rather than a sticky sickly feeling. These drinks are perfect for those who have an active lifestyle, and have a good fitness regime, as the ingredient Guarana is valued for its stimulant effect due to its relatively high caffeine content. This can improve physical endurance, reduction of fatigue, and enhancing mental alertness and concentration. Many of the B vitamins in POW Energy Water are involved in processing carbohydrate and fats for energy production, these are important during exercise. The addition of electrolytes in POW Energy Water are essential, for directing water (and nutrients) to the areas of the body where it’s needed most, thus supporting hydration at a cellular level. Research shows that ginseng has a stimulant effect and improves alertness, decreases fatigue and stress, increases muscle strength, improves cognitive performance and increases exercise endurance work capacity. The use of stevia is great for those enduring a weight loss program, as Stevia is 150 times sweeter than sugar and in comparison is calorie free, therefore it is a useful replacement to sugar for those watching their weight. It also has no negative effects on blood sugar balance, which is essential in weight management as it reduces cravings and prevents the release of fat storing hormones.

Not only this but we love a company with good ethics, and POW goes above and beyond to achieve these. All bottles are 100% recyclable, and they have their unique #powtothepeople program which offers £1000 to those who can create a project that will benefit others and the community such as their 2 minute beach clean. My only problem is I have local stockist so support them to get this fab product out there.  Check out our video below and see why we love POW Energy Water.



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