If there is anything you can offer me in return for promoting your brand or business, lets see about how we could work together.

I am happy to work with companies who offer products, services and items that my blog readers would be interested in knowing about. These products will generally have to have some synergy with my blog. It could be healthy foods, healthy snacks, healthy drinks, natural supplements and vitamins and any other natural and organic products, whether its be skincare to clothes. I also love anything that fits in with my lifestyle, I love dining out, outdoor activities as well as travel. There is also stationary and reading.

Brands I’ve Worked With : 

  • Love Cocoa
  • Poptang
  • Eat Grub
  • Omega Water
  • Nutribombz
  • Sweet Freedom
  • Flo Water
  • Blondilox

Recipe Creation : 

One of the main focuses of my blog is creating new great recipes for my everyday diet and for my readers. They can cater to all sorts of dietary requirements from vegetarian to gluten free, from dairy free to paleo. I just love to experiment in the kitchen. It would be amazing to work with a brand creating recipes together.
If you would like to join forces with me please drop me an email.
I recently featured on heck foods site with one of my recipes.

Product Reviews :

I love discovering and tasting new products. Especially experimenting and having new produce to incorporate into my cooking and baking. I also love to show these things off on social media be it an Instagram photo or a  joyous tweet. If you have some some goodies for me to try out please get in touch. I pride myself on writing very honest reviews but if my experience with the product is all negative, I would rather avoid posting wholly negative review. For this reason, some of the products/items sent to me for a review may not be featured on the blog.

Giveaways : 

Everyone loves  a good giveaway, and i love to partner with brands to offer my readers some goodies. I generally put these alongside a review of the product. We can-all agree a strong online presence is crucial these day and competitions can really increase this following. Not only that but reach out to another segment of possible buyers.


You will find all posts that I have either been paid for or given free products marked with a *

I also work with companies as a freelance writer and love brand ambassador opportunities. If you would like to work with me and think your brand is a good fit, please email me.