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For as long as I remember I have ad trouble with my sleep. When I was a youth getting to sleep was impossible, therefore waking up was impossible. Now however its all a bit mixed up. Some nights I want to sleep at 10pm others not until 3am. This therefore ends up in abnormal awakening times. All of this results in a really bad pattern, not just for sleeping, but for eating, working and exercising. It effects routine and stability. It has been proven that lack of sleep can be really bad for your health as can oversleeping. This is where the S Plus comes in.

Sleep deprivation can lead to higher risk of chronic health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. According to Harvard Medical School, for people with hypertension, one night without enough sleep can cause elevated blood pressure all through the next day. (

Oversleeping has been linked to a host of medical problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and increased risk of death. (

My sleeping issues have always been linked to my anxiety and depression. Or so the doctors say. I have always tried natural ways to sort out my routine, however have massively failed. That is maybe because young life got in the way. I mean what teenager has a stable sleep routine anyways right! However now I am settled I would love to settle my sleeping issues also.

What Is The S+ by ResMed?

The S+ by ResMed is the first wireless sleep tracker. Unlike activity trackers you do not have to wear anything round your wrist. Meaning its super sensitive sensors tap into your breathing to monitor how you sleep.  Not only this but you’ll get tailored feedback from S+ after your first night’s sleep, along with tips on improving sleep conditions in your bedroom. While you’re learning about your sleep environment and how to improve it, the experts behind S+ will spend a few days collecting and analysing your information, and then send you personalised feedback and suggestions based on your sleep patterns.

In this post I am going to go through my first week, and the feedback that I have been given. Throughout next week I will take that information on board and see whether this improves my sleep. You only really start getting feedback around 3 days after using the S+, so I will start from there.

DAY 4: Tracking – Awakenings

The first few days my sleep score was in the range of 80-90. However this is when my partner was away. Here you can see how much more your sleep can be disrupted when sleeping side by side with a loved one. I had 7 disruptions throughout the night!

ADVICE  –  IT HAPPENS : You woke up 7 times last night. Here are some tips that maS+ BY RESMED, RESMED, S+, SLEEP TRACKER, SLEEPING, SLEEP, SLEEP ROUTINE, INSOMNIA, SLEEPING PROBLEMSy help. 1)    Once in bed if you are not asleep within 20 mins get out of bed. 2) Do not return to bed until you feel you can sleep. 3) Once in bed, repeat step 1. 4)Do not use your bed for anything else other than sleep or sex. 5) Wake up at the same time every day (Weekends you can lie in). 6) Don’t nap

DAY 5: Tracking – Deep Sleep

ADVICE – COOL DOWN NATURALLY : Your deep sleep was short last night at 51 mins. Average for your age is 1:21. One solution is to have a hot bath an hour and a half before bed. Heating your body and allowing it to cool naturally helps accelerate your sleep processes.

DAY 6: Tracking – Awakenings

ADVICE – UNEASY LIES IN YOUR HEAD : You woke up 7 times. The average for your age is 4. This can often be a result of unresolved conflict or too much excitement which rises back to the surface as your sleep drive lessens over the course of the night. Assign some worry time facing your worries head on. Mind clear was designed for this purpose.

DAY 7: Tracking – Time To Sleep

ADVICE – EXERCISE TIMING : You took over an hour to fall asleep. People your age fall asleep within 21 mins. Exercise is great for helping you fall asleep, but needs to be done at the right time. Exercise within 3 hours of bedtime can make it harder for you to fall asleep since it activates your heart and stimulates your brain. If you are going to exercise intensively the best time to do it is in the morning or between 5-7 pm.

DAY 8: Tracking – Awakenings

ADVICE – TAKE A WALK : You woke up 7 times. Exercise is so effective and is often used as a treatment for insomnia. For the first night try light exercise such as walking as it can help reduce the length of time it takes you to fall asleep. However vigorous activity takes longer to have an effect.

DAY 9: Tracking – Duration

ADVICE – TAKE A BRISK STROLL NOW : Try and fit in some exercise to lengthen your sleep time. Why not take a stroll on your lunch break.

DAY 10: Assessing – Sleep 

I only got a sleep fact for today as my sleep score was an amazing 92. It looks like their tips are working. Lets see if it can stay like that next week and I will give you my results and conclusion of the S+.



This looks amazing! I could probably sleep just about anywhere, so luckily I don’t have that problem, but I might tell my mum about it! And the difference between having your partner in bed with you and them not being there is amazing, and VERY TRUE haha!


Yes I have found it really helpful and interesting. I guess its not just about where you can sleep but what your sleep is like. People can have 8 ours but then still find themselves groggy! Hahaha its unreal isnt it! I love being able to starfish! x


How interesting, id love to know what my sleep is like!


Yes I found it super interesting and my whole family want to try it haha! x


Interesting post. My husband suffers terribly with Insomnia so this might be worth a look at for him. He’s taking medication for it but as of yet nothing much seems to help.


I have found it really interesting how it monitors your sleep from light, deep to REM. It also calculates how many times you wake up etc and its tailored to your and your age. Keep your eyes peeled as I am going to work on all the advice and tips and see if my sleep score is raised! x


That’s pretty cool! I’ve always had trouble with my sleep. I have vivid dreams every night, so I never feel rested, unfortunately. I like how this gives you advice if you’re having trouble. It’s like a sleepy time friend.

Ashlynn |


This sounds super interesting! I know that my sleep is HUGELY impacted by the fact my husband snores like crazy… like snores so loud he wakes himself up! hahaha He was gone for the weekend and I slept like a baby lol


It really is I ave loved using it and talking to people about it! Hahahaha thats hilarious! Yes I sleep so much better solo! x


Hey Lola! It seems like this gadget is a great thing for people with insomnia to get better and longer sleep. I am a gadget freak (fortunately not insomniac) but still this great sleep tracker looks like a good and useful buy to me. Thank you for your such a wonderful post.

Predator Nutrition

Love xoxo


My sleep pattern is awful since my husband passed away, so am really keen to try anything that can help. This gadget sounds really good and something that might help get my sleeping back on track.Thanks for such a useful review


I am so very sorry to hear that, you have my condolences. Its good as it adds tips and advice and before you sleep at night it asks you your stress levels etc. I would reccommend it if you are struggling! x


This looks really good and much more accurate than the average activity trackers. I am having a terrible time with sleep at the moment due to the menopause and it would be really interesting to see just how much sleep I am getting.


Oh yes I have found it great! Well when you set up you pop in your age and personal details so all the advice is tailored to you and compared with the average people of your age. Therefore I find it really helpful! x


I have so much trouble trying to get to sleep so this is an interesting read!

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