Self-care is becoming an increasingly important topic in the world of health. As our healthcare systems become more and more strained, it’s up to us as individuals to make sure we do what we can to help. Self-care is one way you can do this and involves many principles you should already be following to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Read more about the importance of self-care and what you need to do below.

Eat a balanced diet

Eating a healthy and balanced diet can help to boost your immunity and keep your body strong. Healthy eating can reduce your risk of obesity, heart disease, and cancer that will help to keep you away from the doctor’s office. Your diet should contain a good mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats and you should aim to eat as little processed foods as possible. If you need some suggestions on some healthy foods that also cleanse your liver, check out this useful guide to help give your body some TLC.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is another thing you should already be doing to live a long and healthy life. You should be aiming to undertake at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day to help you maintain a healthy weight and to keep your body strong. Being active requires no money or great sporting ability and even exercise such as walking can help you to stay fit and active. Getting a fitness tracker or similar device is one way you can help motivate yourself to be active and give yourself some realistic fitness goals.

Treat minor illnesses at home

It can be tempting to run to the doctor at the first sign of a cold, but there are many conditions which can be easily treated at home, or with the help of your pharmacist. With almost a quarter of GP doctor’s appointments being wasted each year, you should keep your surgery and nearest A&E unit for genuine emergencies or for chronic illnesses that aren’t improving. Visit your pharmacist in the first instance and make sure you’ve got good supplies of medication and first aid treatments in your cupboards.

Take care of your sexual health

Your sexual health is important, and you can avoid unnecessary doctor’s appointments by making sure that you use contraception and get regular tests done at your nearest GUM clinic. If you need emergency contraception or you need your regular prescription in a hurry, try walk-in clinics like who can give you the treatment you need in a hurry. Never risk unsafe sex, there are always solutions available to make sure that you’re protected.

Self-care is not a new concept, but if you’ve been neglecting your health lately, you might need to re-evaluate your lifestyle. Taking steps to better safeguard your health will not only benefit you but others too and the more you can do to look after yourself, the better. Start practising better self-care today and look forward to a healthier present and future.

How do you partake in self care?

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  1. This is such a good list, I can’t believe how high the statistic is for the amount of doctors time wasted!😬 Xo

    1. Lolamia

      Thanks babe. I know so bad, most of my family work kin the NHS and the stories they tell! x

  2. Abi

    This is a great post! Self care is so important

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Lolamia

      Aww thanks darling! It really is – you don’t realise just how much sometimes!

  3. I’m new to the healthy eating game and I’ve been trying to walk more these days. Being in maternity leave makes you so unmotivated so posts like this really help. Thank you!

    1. Lolamia

      I can imagine but you will get there – little things everyday! x

  4. Agree with everything you said, self care is so important! I really need to take more time out to relax and look after myself x

    Tiffany x

    1. Lolamia

      Yes same it is a lot harder to practice what you preach! x

  5. That’s really informative! I firmly believe in self care after all health is wealth rest everything is secondary

    1. Lolamia

      Once you take care of yourself the rest will follow! x

  6. Great advice! I hadn’t even thought of treating minor illnesses at home as self care:) I don’t like going to the doctor’s, so I have the opposite, I should probably go more! But I find meditation to be a really important component of emotional self care:) thanks a lot for sharing!!

    1. Lolamia

      I guess if you have no need then it is not necessary! It really is a great thing to clear the mind! x

  7. Ever since I started blogging, I have not done a great job of exercising. I work full time which is in an office behind at a desk. I then come home and I am at my laptop until I got to bed. I am not carving out time to exercise! To think, my treadmill is a few feet away from where I sit with my laptop! Thanks for the reminder about keeping healthy!

    1. Lolamia

      Seriously I have been the same! It is so hard balancing everything at once! Although I wish I had a treadmill close by! x

  8. This is so true, great post!

    1. Lolamia

      Thank you 🙂

  9. Elena

    I think that I lead a healthy lifestyle except for the exercise. I simply do not have the discipline to do it.

    1. Lolamia

      That is important though just that 30 mins a day! x

  10. I know someone who works in the NHS and dome of the points here are bang on!

    1. Lolamia

      Thank you very much. A lot of my family do too! x

  11. Neesh

    Great post. A good diet and exercise is key to a healthy happy life 🙂

    1. Lolamia

      Oh it really is 😉 x

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