I put my hands up. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS. I love them, love them, love them. Not mine however, no everyone else’s. I love the organisation, the excitement and the preparations. Everything about celebrating someones Birthday brings me joy! However you can’t always be there to celebrate that special moment, not just Birthday’s, but Christmases, Weddings, Christenings and so many ore occasions we may miss. Yet we want those people to still know that we are thinking of them! The best way to do that is to send a card. Not just any card a Choosey card!

Now I am normally a maker of cards, I have been since I was a child –  I am just so crafty hey! However I also love receiving cards, and always have a stash in my memory box for nostalgia’s sake. One card that would definitely make it into my box would be a Choosey card! Amongst all the other things that Choosey has to offer, the thing that I adore the most is the video function. Yes, you heard right. For someone who is obsessed with tech, gadgets, photos and videos, it was to my sheer joy that I realised I could film a video and upload it onto the card. SAY WHAT?! Amazing right! This is by far by favourite function using Choosey, I actually had so much fun creating the videos and was disappointed that I wouldn’t be there to see the final result and my friends faces.

Picking Your Choosey Card:  ★★★★★

This is the fun and tricky part. Tricky only because there is so much choice and variety CHOOSEY, CARD, BIRTHDAY, DELIVERY, CELEBRATION, CARDS, SPECIAL OCCASION, OCCASIONSto choose from. There is literally a card for everyone, from humorous to illustrative, you can take your pick. I was given a pick of 3. I went for an hilarious one about Birthday cake – my friend is heading off to Thailand therefore it was so fitting! My other friend has found out she is expecting over in Scotland  – so it was lovely to be able to send her a humorous card. I believe these were designed by the same person. What can I say, I just like blunt sayings. The next was a stunning illustrative sympathy card for a family friend – as you can imagine no video was attached to this! Whatever reason you want to send some love for, the choice is there.

Navigating Through The Site:  ★★★★★

The site was so simple and easy to make my way through! You can browse through occasion, styles or person! Once your card is chosen you go on through to the message page, where you can even pick your own font! After that you can go on to upload your video. The process is so simple, just pick you file under 25MB and upload your crazy piece onto the card! Decide whether you want it delivered to you or to the recipient and voila press pay. Simple and quick.

Delivery:  ★★★★★

CHOOSEY, CARD, BIRTHDAY, DELIVERY, CELEBRATION, CARDS, SPECIAL OCCASION, OCCASIONSThe great part is you can choose what day you want the card to be shipped so you can order way in advance. Delivery is smooth and fast and I did not face any issues with my cards. They arrived in good time and speedy.

My experience with Choosy was great and I would order again, especially on a special occasion. I will be uploading plenty more videos and  getting delighted texts off my friends.

Have ever ordered a card online?

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  1. I also much prefer other peoples birthdays to my own! I love buying cards and presents, I get so excited for them to receive them. I love idea of this, love being able to personalise gifts and cards 🙂

    Tiffany x

    1. Lolamia

      I know something excites me about other people’s Birthdays. I just stress on my own hahaha x

  2. This sounds sooo good! I love being able to buy cards like this for an occasion and it’s good their site is easy to work.

    Jordanne ||

    1. Lolamia

      Yes their site is great to navigate around! x

  3. I love being able to pick and choose my own card online! I just find it so difficult picking one from the shops because they all seem the same! Great post x

    1. Lolamia

      Yes I find that at least online they are so original and different! x

  4. I am such a sentimental person I love cards! this is a great blog post! thanks for sharing!

    Sophia xo //

    1. Lolamia

      Same something about receiving one in the post is just so lovely x

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