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Lolita Bonita


I am a person who has always suffered from trouble sleep – whether it be restless nights or difficulty drifting off. I feel I’ve forgotten what it’s like to run on fully charged and my body has just caved in and has learnt how to function on about 6 hours a night! This often plays with my mood and the people around me end up with either a hyper sensitive and grumpy Lola or a high energy one powering through exhaustion. I must admit however after using my S Plus to monitor my sleeping pattern and changing up my daily routine my sleeping habits have vastly improved! Sometimes I can’t even sit through a movie anymore! I teamed up with Sleep Well to create my guide to a better nights sleep!

Now I’m sure I’m not the only one but I will openly admit that I find it ridiculously hard to implement a daily fitness routine. I mean with life going on and all there are simply not enough hours in the day. Some weeks I’m a fitness freak and others it’s tough to get a daily walk in! However, my oh my does it not only have an impact on the quality of my sleep but, my mood too. Even if you squeeze in an early morning yoga session or a 20 minute evening run you’ll find you’ll sleep sounder! I’ve found my key workout times to either be at the crack of dawn 630 or early evening between 5 and 7!

After spending my childhood with my head endlessly in books and now I can barely manage a page a week! I set myself a challenge in my yearly goals to read more! Not only does reading a book in bed tire your eyes and relax you it also allows time to get away from the screen society – which has been proven to keep you awake. However, it will also enable your mind to drift away to meaning when it comes to bed time the daily anxieties have been read away! Trying to find time to turn a page? I find it soaking in the bath after a workout!

A bath is not only relaxing and unwinding it’s a place where you can enjoy a little me time! Pop in a bathbomb, light some candles and catch up on your face series. Og this is where you could read that book! It’s a well-known fact that increasing your body temperature can make us sleepy and increase the quality also! However, pick your time wisely for your night-time soak! It is said to bathe at least an hour – hour and a half before bed is the best time. This because the sleeping cycle is in tune with your body temperature. As your body cools after a bath your heart rate and breathing also slows down getting your body full prepped to fall into a deep sleep.

I am a huge fan of a hot drink before bed. I always get thirsty and peckish before I sleep so it’s great to fill the hole! Hot drinks are a great way to get sleepy. They’re super relaxing and once again they can reduce your body temperature which will kick-start the sleep cycle! Lately I’ve been trying out Sleep Well milk and mixture designed to help you fall into the dreamiest of sleeps! Not only is it made with the finest and creamiest Jersey milk. It also contains Valerian known for its snoozy properties as well as honey. This creates the perfect blend of fructose and glucose that is a recipe for the perfect nights sleep!

Everybody knows that sleep has a massive effect on the way we think and behave. So, it’s incredibly important to get those zzzz in!

How do you get a good night’s sleep?


The Sleep Well milk sounds lovely! I always do Yoga in the morning but I’ve also implemented it into my night time routine too and try and do a nice, gentle, stretchy practice before bed and it’s DEFINITELY helped!



Ooooo see I’ve never been sucked into yoga – I did try Tai Chi though and really enjoyed that! x


I struggle with insomnia but one thing that does help me every time is reading! It’s my ultimate solution.


Yes reading and putting my phone down at 8pm has really helped.


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